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Keef's Holy Grail Search For The Perfect Vape Liquid


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:welcome: to Keef's Holy Grail search for the PERFECT E- Cig - Vape liquid.

- Tried some, but not happy with results :30:

- Most promising recipe I've found uses one part hash -7 parts vegetable glycerine.

- Put it in a jar and shake daily for 3 months - filter and Vape.

- Any suggestions, comments or better recipes?

- I'm having trouble getting the THC to dissolve into the glycerine!

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try getting a ultrasonic jewerly cleaner. put all fluids in & run it awhile.
this process will mix the dissimalur fluids very well. will much slow down the seperation issues.

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I'd go with PG over VG unless you have a rare allergic reaction to PG.

My only reference is a face to face story that BHO in a 60:40 PG/VG e-liquid works, at what percentage I am not aware.

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I would recommend maybe looking into PEG400 as well. The reason is is because I've been using Holy Terp's "Jack of all Trades" the past couple weeks coming from a pure PG and VG solution and since they use PEG400 in addition to PG and VG it seems to take away the plasticy and harsh aftertaste in some PG and VG solutions. They also have terpenes in their solution I guess to blend the flavor ejuice solution to the concentrate. They recommend a 2:1 (juice to concentrate) ratio but I've tried it with BHO at 1:1 and 3:1 (liquid to concentrate) and have had good results.
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