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Keeping light In & Out of a box


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How do you guys keep light from shining through your vent holes, and likewise, keep light from sneaking in during your dark cycles? Assuming you're not using a carbon filter or anything that could block it, it seems like you'd always have light shining through like a flashlight.


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I used a piece of metal conduit, the same diameter as the hole, in an "S" shape, spray painted black inside.
Occasionally I used a "baffle", a box that was open on one side, the side not facing exterior light


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I use a dryer vent. The kind you would use for venting outside, The luvers (sp?) don't open unless there's some air flowing thru, and they only open a little, so unless there was a little light on the floor shinning up thru it when opened, I can't see how light can get in. I couldn't think of anything else to cover my intake. :peace:
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