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Keeping your DWC system cool


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Really depends on how well you control the ambient around the res. Some people place the res outside of the grow space in a much cooler area. Some people have the res right under the light.

It also may depend if you are in Saudi Arabia or in Siberia if your exterior room is not climate controlled.

I don't use that setup you are describing but this area of the forums is basically dead these days. If you want some help on that go up to the General Hydro area and maybe there will be someone who uses that who will answer. Better to try the FAQ area where most people are lurking these days.



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This forum is a sub forum of hydro which is a sub forum of growers forums which is a sub forum of the grow room forum. The "GROW ROOM" forum is kind of the root of all growing forums and at that level is a FAQ forum.

This forum used to be active but died off. All the action these days is in FAQ. You will get a response right away unless it is a stupid or very difficult question. This is not a bad question so I think you will get a response fast. I just can't help you because I all I can do is tell you what I would do but first I would ask a bunch of questions.

This place used to be very active and I could spend all my energy here. It is so dead now that I only swing by here about once a week to grab people lost over here like you and get them over to where the help is.

FAQ: (found as one of the main selections at the top of the page under Grow Room)
Frequently Asked Questions
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