Kendall Jenner Could Be Among Those Sought To Endorse Cannabis Products

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Since the substance was legalized in California last year, MedMen, a company which specializes in a range of marijuana-related products including seeds, vapes and biscuits, has launched a $100million (£73.8million) investment fund aimed at attracting the support of high-profile stars.

As reported by the website, Jenner, 21, attended a Weedmaps Oasis marijuana party after the end of the Coachella festival in Colorado at which many others were partaking of the drug, although there is no suggestion that she did likewise — and as such, she might be seen by MedMen as an ideal fit.

Others who could fit their profile include fellow model Gigi Hadid and actress Olivia Wilde, 33.

Hadid, 22, the girlfriend of former One Direction member Zayn Malik, was pictured wearing a marijuana pendant in New York last year, while Wilde's boyfriend Jason Sudeikis, joked that the pair would not get married "until weed is legal every state".

Speaking last year, CEO Adam Bierman said: "Nearly two decades after California became the first state to legalize medical marijuana, we now have 28 states with legalized medical marijuana.

"Last November, the number of states with legalized recreational use doubled to eight. As marijuana becomes more accepted by the mainstream, its appeal also broadens. It's not just about stoners rolling up joints. It is about highly productive and functional professionals choosing a cannabis vape pen over a glass of Scotch, or Chardonnay moms shopping for CBD-infused bath bombs and cannabis edibles."

In addition, Gwyneth Paltrow's website, Goop, has recommended chocolate created by the cannabis company Lord Jones, which states on its website that its products include "pure California-grown cannabis extract".

The campaign for endorsements is likely to face significant barriers in the short term however. Cannabis remains outlawed by the federal government, and restrictions on its use remain in force in most US states.

In addition, some actors have "morality clauses" in their contracts which could be breached were they to be pictured using cannabis.

MedMen, which was launched in 2010, now employs 100 people.

Chief marketing officer BJ Caretta said this week it was seeking "total collaboration, to develop specific brands with people, as opposed to just paying an influencer".

The campaign echoes similar efforts by tobacco companies in the days before such advertising was outlawed.

Movie stars were paid vast sums of money to endorse particular brands of cigarettes according to the British medical quarterly Tobacco Control.

Between 1927 and 1951, Clark Gable, Spencer Tracey, Joan Crawford, John Wayne, Bette Davis, Betty Grable and singer Al Jolson endorsed brands such as Lucky Strike, Old Gold, Chesterfield, and Camel.

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