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Kent closes four medical marijuana dispensaries


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All four medical marijuana facilities in Kent were closed down by city hall Wednesday. The move comes after a 5-2 vote Tuesday night mandating a six month moratorium on dispensaries and other related businesses like grow operations.

Show your support for safe access for patients!!!

Please join us at The Kent City Hall, located at 220 4th Avenue South, Kent 98032 on Tuesday, JULY 19TH at 7:00 pm

This meeting is NOT JUST FOR PATIENTS. We NEED the support of family, friends, and anyone who supports the medical marijuana community!!! For those of you who cannot attend this meeting, please contact the city council and let them know your opinion because it counts.

Office: (253) 856-5712
Cell: (253) 737-8843
Email: jperry@ci.kent.wa.us

There are two council members that voted in our favor:

Council Member Higgins
Council Member Albertson

Kudos to them!

We cannot stress enough that every voice counts. The city council needs to know how patients feel!


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These so-called lawmakers need to be told that when we buy medical marijuana on the street from black market, those dollars are feeding gangs and thugs and the money is leaving the country, just like all the billions we are spending on cheap chinese made goods at wal-mart. That money leaves and never returns, whereas if we have regulated locally owned dispensaries, taxes could be collected and if MMJ would provide Olympia with $225 Million a year in taxes, then this is a multi-billion dollar industry. We need to have locally owned businesses growers and dispensaries profit from this and pay B&O and Sales taxes, instead of having all that money going to gangs and thugs and cartels. Not all bud sold locally on the black market is grown in BC, a lot of it is grown by mexican gangs and there is so much money involved that is why we see the mass killings and violence down south by the border. For being a so-called civilized society, we sure are blind in many ways. Please tell your Kent city council how you feel about this issue, it's crucial! If we don't speak up now, they will take away our right to use MMJ!
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