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Kentboy's Hydro Grow Room


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I decided from a little break from posting, im gonna just be adding to this journal instead of having 1 thread for each grow. So to start this off, set up...
For veg
2ft by 4ft by 4ft grow tent with 1200 watt blurpy (241truewatts) 24in above canopy 4in exaust fan and small desk fan
For flower/veg
5ft by 5ft by 7ft grow tent with a double ended 630 watt cmh air cooled reflector accompanied by 2 100watt full spectrum leds. 6in exaust and 4in intake fans
Will be mostly coco with some dwc
Megacrop, calimagic (as of now) i have multiple lines i would like to compare
This run will be Green Crack and Super Silver Haze from clone

As some plants finish in the 5ft by 5ft by 7ft tent, i took some clones to fill the veg tent ( 3 Green Crack 3 Super Silver Haze) i want the best 2 from each strain to put in the veg tent and will gift the last 2 (assuming i have 100% success rate) if not no big deal.

Taking 6 clones, 3 of each strain (GC, SSH) I usually use the rockwool method but am trying something new. I have a 1 gal black bucket with foam inserts, and an air stone
Water mix 3/4 gal from tap 130ppm
1 g of Megacrop phd to 5.9. Dipping the ends in rootech gel

Sorry for blurple
(Im sure all of you know the cloner setup, its 1 gal bucket with air stone. Will show better more detailed pics next update
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Well none of the clones took (1st time using bubble cloner) and had a set back (all my plants hermed out so i had to take everything down and deep clean it. So another new start lol

5ft by 5ft by 7ft tent
6in exaust, 4in intake fan, ac in room along with various clip on and oscillating fans
Gonna be growing in
Using spider farmer sf4000 qb 450watts
Popped 2 NYC autos in 2in by 2in rockwool cubes that have been soaking in tap with 1g MC a gal and phd to 5.8 for 24 hours in a humidity dome
Temp 82°f
Rh 86%


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Im just not having no luck right now lol. The 2 nyc diesel autos didn't pop... So went to my old seed breeder and started getting seeds from them again (only reason i stopped is because the payment methods changed) i have always had great success with them....

Using same equipment as above
Put 2 Panama seeds in wet paper towel and placed in cabinet
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