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KGB Smokehouse Fall Season Flower 2017


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Happy growing all!!

I've spent the last two years growing in just about every tent and light setup, from a 2X5 up to two 4X8's, 400 watt, 600's, LEDs, anything that I could afford at the time, but I finally moved out of the vinyl sweat boxes to an indoor room.
I started in early spring and finished mid September. It was freaking hot this summer so working in a metal building with no AC......you get the picture....

I'm finally going to start a flower journal in my new room...Here's the details:

I have three strain's going currently. All are clones from mothers that are vintage. I'm talking 20-25 year old seeds. I truly have no idea what they are except they are all female, and produce beautiful flower.

I named them to identify.

Jack tripper

All three are 100% Indica. I know this from this summers outdoor grow.

They are currently in the indoor bloom room.

In Flowering stage... For 48 hours.

I'm running Fox Farms Ocean Harvest as it is an excellent soil for my needs. 5 gallon buckets with saucers.

My room is 11'X11'X7.5', fully sealed with panda film, insulated and it is equipped with two Sunlight supply 630 LECs, and one 315 LEC.
The 630's are only running one light per fixture until 10/27/2017 to prevent light shock.
With door closed, no light enters room. Door has a sealed view port that is completely shut off from light.

The room is equipped with two 16 inch fans adjusted to run at lowest setting on the fan controllers pointing at the walls to reduce wind, two 6 inch can fans with temp controllers, one for intake pointing below the canopy and one for exhaust between the 630's, both filtered with black ops.

Current temp of Room is about 66 degrees, lights off.
RH of 60%
I do have a small space heater and 10,000 BTU, AC/dehumidifier in the room for when the time calls.

Using compost tea for feeding schedule. We used the same recipe for our summer garden during bloom and was very successful. fat sticky buds!! 98% organic, no chemical nutes.
We keep one reservoir for compost tea and one with clean, oxygenated water.

Had mild case of aphids during VEG, but they are under control. No sign of other pests.

I'm typically watering about every three to four days but they just came out of VEG.

I'll try to update with pictures weekly depending on my schedule.

Peace! :420:

Pictures soon!!


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This is the KGB from my summer outdoor grow. She is the mother of the baby in the grow room.


Just a pic of my filter.


This is a pic of my grow room mid way complete. I did however, change the configuration of the exhaust fan...



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Hey folks.

All is well. We've been in flower for 5 days. The girls are super happy!

The room is 69F degrees and holding an average of 73F.

RH is stable a 50!

They received their weekly preventative spray of green clean.
I usually switch it around every other week with flying skull or something else whatever I have at the moment. I'll post a few pics later on. Busy trimming the summer stash...

Here's one of our harvested plants:



Yield dry= 6.5 ounces.

I wish you could smell my house right now..... lol

More updates soon!
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