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KGIRedline's Outdoor Strain Mix Up - Gorilla Glue - G.S.C. & Bag Seed


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Ok, so I have 4 new children! They are happy so far and making their new start, they stretched a little from being too far from light but I'm trying to fix that now :) And the clones are so big I got them 10 gallon pots since they won't be getting planted for a few more weeks outside. Here's the pics.
Keep it green everyone :)



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Update pics time, the girls are acclimating to the sun under a partial shade cloth for the current week, because I'm not home to increase hours in sun every day so shade cloth is solution. Also this weekend I will be putting them in ground, the 8 for sure females, and have my 4 new seedlings I'm gonna sex soon. So potentially 12 girls :) Here's them and my plot I'm preparing. Keep it green :)


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Hope all is well in your world.

Is this grow still alive?

We would love to be updated with some pictures and info.

How about posting a 420 Strain Review?

If you need any help with posting photos, please read our Photo Gallery Tutorial.

I am moving this to Abandoned Journals until we get updates.

Sending you lots of love and positive energy.



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Yes it's still alive, I'm posting pics now, been busy with work. How do I get it unabandoned? Well here's my pics from 5-30-16 until it is.


The first 2 pics are overhead views of the crop, and there are a few Gsc genotypes, ak47, Chernobyl, white widow, and I just got some DoSiDo Cookies clones to add in making 12 total, also some Gorilla #4


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I've now ran into an issue with my babies, I'm going to do a search on it some more unless anyone wants to chime in after I post my pics. A little info first. I am feeding dyna gro foliage pro and protekt silica as my synthetic nutes. At a relatively low dose, which last year did good with alternating od plain water, a little bat guano and molasses alternated every 3, so dyna, organic, plain. So this year I tried a little more to that method, and I think I've locked up my soil, only thing I can think of as they were super green until recently. The main thing I added was some humboldt honey es because it has molasses, honey and yucca (wetting agent) in it. I'm thinking it may have locked up my calcium / magnesium because of the burnt / yellow leaves but not super pale like nitrogen, just the all over the plant but starting on fan leaves yellowing / burning. I'm still kind of a newb obviously at growing but know enough to be dangerous lol. Trying to find my super formula and now my ladies are overfed I do believe. Ph is all normal going in but can't test runoff as theyre in ground. Well I will search and see if I can resolve but anyone feel free to chime in I work alot and I'm building my journals for personal record but also community enjoyment don't even know if this one is active anymore but I'm finishing it anyways. Hope everyone is doing well and happy growing :)


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I've gotta get a pic of the Do Si Do Cookies, I missed those cause I was taking pics over fence to get all plants in, they are in the entry behind gate I'll open it today and take pics I took these after I finished tending to the girls and shut up fence. Keep it green everyone! Happy 4th of July!!!


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Hello everyone I'm still here life is sooooo busy for me. The girls are getting huge now my 2 sativa girls are almost 7 feet lol. I'll take pics later today or tomorrow and post. I appologize once again for the length between posts but I will finish the journal and update more often in flower. I won't be as beat when I get home during flowering as I won't be out all day in 105+ weather :) Hope everyone is doing well. KIG
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