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Kidney Failure/Cancer


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Please can anyone help me, Ive manage to get Diluted medicinal oil, I have Kidney failure and am waiting for a transplant and I have just found out my little Dog my buddy has terminal cancer can anyone help me and tell me what dosage would be safe to help her try to kill this cancer I don't want her Hallucinating, she weigs about 8 kilos. also as its diluted with oil how much do I need to take there are no directions and its not thick like Simpsons oil its in a bottle with a dropper, Thanks people

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Hi Sandiestone,

I noticed you mentioned you had "diluted" Cannabis Oil and I just wanted to be sure you weren't getting Cannabis Oil that's used for healing cancer confused with Hemp Seed Oil that's used for nutrition in cooking/eating.

I'm unsure of what would be the correct dosage for diluted Cannabis Oil and I must advise you that you must be in a legal state to acquire Cannabis Oil legally, however, if you choose to take the matter into your own hands you can grow it and make it yourself. Here are some links that you may find helpful:

1. How to Grow Cannabis
2. How to Make Cannabis Oil Medicine
3. MMJ Listings of Dispensaries
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