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kief compressor


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Also look for "Pollen Press", I've seen them advertised as that.


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thank you so much now whats a fair price for a decent sized press? just so i can shop around and not over pay. thanks again


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I think I've seen them for around 15 - 25 bucks, i wouldn't consider it a fair price considering you could probably make it for 5 bucks tops, you just need to get a piece of threaded pipe, 2 caps that screw on and plugs that fit tightly into the pipe. If you have a vice all you need it the 2 plugs and a piece of tubing. Make sure the 2 caps have a nut shape to them or are squared off to where you could use vice grips or pliers to screw it down tight. All you are doing is compressing the kif to break the rezin crystals an make them bond to each other.

EDIT: Now that I think of it you don't even need plugs that fit that tightly, just put the kif on some wax paper and fold it up before compressing.


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I just picked up a small one off ebay. Shorter than a cigarette pack (3 inches or so) about as big around as a quarter. The ends are gnurled to allow tightening and loosening. It has 4 different sized plugs. 2 small ones a medium one and a large one. All 4 plugs fit the press evenly from side to side and end to end. I end up with a compressed disk slightly smaller than a dime across and I can press them as much as 2.5 inches long. It would look like a thick tootsie roll but usually honey colored for my strains:) I don't make a lot of hash all the time so this is the perfect size for me. I paid slightly less than $14.00 after shipping.


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I am going to try to get a pic or two posted of the discs I am making. It starting to look like an alternative fuel nuglet
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