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Kief Kif Keef Keif How much do you really know about it?


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For the sake of sharing I am posting one of my blogs here on the forum from PapaKief as I have seen a lot of controversy over what Kief is. Being Papa Kief, I decided it is my duty

"Kief is one of the most simple yet misunderstood forms of cannabis. It is comprised of a pile of the trichromes broken off of the marijuana most commonly through a grinder or over a very fine screen/sieve. Trichomes are THC nodules that grow on the flowers of the cannabis plant of which you can see in the photo to the right. The chemical composition of these nodules is nearly completely THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and have extremely strong effects.

Originally Kief was the name given by the Moroccans for the powder that can be rubbed or sieved from a mature female cannabis plant. It consists of the loose and dry resin glands.

Kief Contains a very high concentration of THC and when smoked has a very smooth smoke. It works well as a topping to an ignited pipe or pressed and vaporized. It is not easy to come by kief as it is hard to make and a prized possession of those who take the time to collect it. There is a great variety in Kief as it could be collected from any grade of cannabis. The better the cannabis was that the kief was removed from the better the Kief will be.

Many people unwittingly smoke too much kief, a proper dose may be 1/10 of a gram or less, repeat as necessary. And just like all cannabis it can be used to cook with. It must be heated along with a substance containing lipids, or in other words something fatty. Milk, peanut butter, butter or the like is most preferable. Be careful however, Kief packs a punch with a percentage of THC between 40 and 60 percent this is equivilant to very strong hashish." (PapaKief, 2009)
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Morrocan kif is finely chopped bud mixed with strong tobacco. 20-25% tobacco is where the mix starts and it can go up to 50% or better. The mixture is a matter of strength of the weed and personal preference. I've heard the term Kif used for this mix in Morocco and for raw bud. Most N. Africans will tell you Kif w/o tobacco makes you crazy.

What your friend is talking about is how the Moroccans make hash. The Dutch got the definition of what kif was ass-backwards in the 70's,and it's stuck. Seems to me the switch in names started when high quality unpressed resin started showing up in Western Europe as "Double-0" in the late 60's early 70's. Double 0 referred to the size of screen used to sift out the finest trichomes

It was different looking than regular pressed hash. I figure some enterprising dealer/smuggler called it "Kif" to make it easier to move?

It seems to me the term "Al Kif" means "in the clouds" which is where the stuff puts you.
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