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Just to say "Hello"! I have worked with 4 men make their transition. Going out of my way before buyers clubs, and my last carepartner with a doctor's consent. It is a God sent where nothing else helps. They were unable to smoke it in or outside their hospice without being permanently evicted in Seattle?

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Hello Eaglepath. Something should be done to wise up the hospices about mmj. A vape or 2 would go down well in a hospice. If you have to pass away, use should be allowed to pass away happy. I hope you enjoy your stay.


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UR doing good work. I voluteered in an AIDS hospice for a few months. I held the hands of 2 that passed on. Their parents had abandoned them. One mother came the morning one of them passed. The father said she couldn't come to say goodbye but she came anyway. There was so much oxygen in the house that smokers had to go out in garage to light up. A vape might have been allowed in the room since it wouldn't spark a fire but I don't know. MMJ would have helped them so much. Keep up good work Eaglepath.


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