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Kind LED K3 Series L600 LED Grow Light


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Has anyone used this light
Kind LED K3 Series L600 LED Grow Light
If so is it any good for a 1200 x 1200 cm tent.
Also is it controllable ?.
Thanks in advance for your answers.
Are you mistaken the size by chance?
That would be like 1500 square feet.
No it definitely would not work.


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Sorry about the size mix up it is 1.2 meters by 1.2 meters tent does that sound better.

Bush Doctor 77

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Welcome. I'd go with a few more watts and adjustable. You don't have to use max power, but it's nice to have, if you can use it. You could also go with 2 Mars SP250 or the like, and use 1 for veg, and both for bloom. I'm new to LEDs, though, so others will chip in. The concept of passive cooling on quantum boards is cool.
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