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King Of Pot Is Busted 35-Lb. Stash Sniffed Out


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He was nabbed by the sweet smell of excess.

Roger Golden, a megastar among drug smugglers, is facing a new round of drug- possession charges be cause he was dumb enough - or arrogant enough - to place 35 pounds of pot in a storage locker.

The locker was in a self-storage facility next to the Big Apple offices of the Drug Enforcement Administration.

The self-storage building has two entrances - one of the them through the lobby of the DEA building.

Drug agents got wind of what was going on and busted Golden, 63, on Wednesday. He was being held for arraignment to morrow.

"Here's a guy that has been known to drug law-enforcement for 30 years and he picks, of all places, to store his marijuana in a storage facility connected to the New York office of the DEA," said John Gilbride, head of the office.

"The only thing he didn't do was walk in, surrender and go to our jail."

In the 1970s, Golden was the king of weed, smuggling tons of marijuana and hashish into the United States.

"I worked in Europe, Turkey, Thailand, the Caribbean, and then the last 15 years on the Mexican border," Golden told NBC in a 1999 jailhouse interview.

Busted in 1995, Golden was sentenced to 13 years in the slammer two years later. He was released 18 months ago.

But when he had an accomplice rent the locker in the Manhattan Mini Storage building at 10th Avenue and 18th Street, he apparently was unaware that the DEA had moved its office from Midtown to Chelsea.

Drug agents walking to the office passed the self-storage facility and smelled that smell, Gilbride said.

They brought in a sniffer dog, and the pooch sat down in front of Golden's locker.

The agents, working with the office of NYC Special Narcotics Prosecutor Bridget Brennan, then got a warrant and opened the locker Wednesday.

They found the 35 pounds of pot, drug paraphernalia and a cardboard box with Golden's name and address on it, court papers said.

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