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Here are some videos from JJ Bones Joey at PerfectGardens.com explaining the General Hydroponics Flora Series, General Hydroponics Flora Gro, General Hydroponics Flora Micro, General Hydroponics KoolBloom and General Hydroponics Floralicious Plus.

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http://generalhydroponics.com nutrients flora series

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I use Snow Storm Ultra as a foliar spray at 1.25 milliliters per liter in flower every 7-10 days and discontinue

use 1 week before harvest.

I will only spray Snow Storm Ultra just before the lights go off for the darkness phase of flowering.


I also use General Hydroponics Liquid KoolBloom and KoolBloom Dry in flower.

I use General Hydroponics Liquid KoolBloom at 1.25-2.5 milliliters per gallon from the start of flower until 3 weeks

prior to harvest then use General Hydroponics KoolBloom Dry for 2 weeks at 0.8 milligrams per

gallon and discontinue use 3-5 days prior to harvest.


I am using Floralicious Plus at 0.70 milliliters per gallon under LED light panels

Plants grown under LED light panels have a higher requirement for calcium and magnesium. I use Botanicare's Cal-Mag Plus at 5 milliliters per gallon.



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digital timers do have a battery back up for power cuts, when you buy them they are totally flat but once they been plugged in for a while the battery charges up and you can unplug it then and the timer stays on and the clock keeps working,

i bought a few digital times but found them very poor, the one was a 28day timer and as we know we have 24 hours days on this planet, well the one day i wondered why my lights hadnt gone off so looked at the timer and it said the time was 38:79:89, damn thing had lost the plot or was designed for some other planed, i changed to mechanical but left the digital one plugged into a spare plug to see what would happen to the time and it kept going right up till 99:99:99, so not sure what planet that was made on but certainly didnt have a 24hour clock on it, just kept on going. it was ok for a few days then just crapped out so got 3 digital timers sitting in the spare room that i wont use. ive not had the old style timers mess up even once.

the only issue i can see with the the mechanical timers is that the could get built up with dust and not click on or off but give it a bash and it should be ok, them digital timers was very poor and i paid £25 for the one. thats the one that had 99 hours per day. i guess i paid the extra because it gave me more hours per day but certainly no good for planet earth.

Buddy, it's been 3.5 years since you posted this and I'm still lmao every time I read it...thank you... I'm a new grower and this journal in particular (with all the input from awesome growers) proved priceless. Trying to implement myself now and referring back to this regularly!
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