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KingSLoth's First Grow - Soil - T5 HO 216W & 400W HPS - 3 Strains


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Hey everybody,

This is my first grow, so I have much to learn. I've read my copy of Jorge Cervante's Medical Grow Bible, and have been perusing forums for a few weeks.

I started my grow in early July, on a whim, without much further planning or funds. I'm about $700 invested at this point.

My hardware includes:
216w Sunblaze T5 HO for vegging
400w HPS Hortilux light fixture w/ integrated ballast for budding
DIY 15 Site Bubble Cloner
4in Can Fan
20in Box Fan
2 computer fans wired into 1 unit
a used 3x5 Secret Jardin Tent
timer and and a thermometer/hygrometer.

Genetics include:
Northern Lights x Big Bud (NLxBB)
Royal Medic (RM)
and a Lemon Haze from bag seed, (LH)
as well as a few clones freshly taken from an outdoor Jack Herer x Skunk #1 (J1) this plant had just begun flowering

That's all I have accumulated thus far, and I am slowly acquiring more stuff as the grow progresses.

Let me break down my grow situation. Right now the T5 is set-up in my 4x5x5 closet, vegging the NLxBB, RM, LH and J1. I have a NLxBB mother, and a RM mother, as well as 3 clones of J1 and 1 clone of NLxBB in the cloner now, and a LH seedling. There is no dedicated ventilation exhaust, as I can keep the closet around 80F to 84F with an open door and a box fan and a couple auxiliary computer fans. I know the temp is not ideal, especially because I'm using a Bubble Cloner (water gets too warm, using frozen waterbottles to counteract), but the house I'm staying in is not mine, and the homeowners, though cool with the grow, are weird about me venting through the attic, and I'd just rather not deal with convincing them to (they're old and stubborn). This creates problems for reducing odor coming from the closet, but worst comes to worse I can just set up a fan/carbon filter to scrub the air (exhausting scrubbed air directly within the closet or out to my bedroom). I have also considered downsizing my veg light as to cut down on heat in the closet and electricity costs overall.
To overcome this venting limitation, I plan on flowering in my tent, next to the window in my room, and venting directly out the window. I'm not going to be ready to flower until I have some sturdy clones, then I'm planning on flowering out the current mothers and a few clones, and replace the mothers with some clones.

Since this is my first grow, I'm using soil (Fox Farm Ocean Forest), and I have a few different types of nutes: Dutch Master One (Veg and Flower), Dutch Master Add.27 (Veg and Flower), Dyna Gro Veg, flowering booster made of Bat Guano, and Tappin Roots. I'm not using everything at once, though I'm still figuring out my feeding schedule. I started on Dutch Master One w/ ADD.27 but have since switched to Dyna Gro Veg with the ADD.27, using low strength Dyna Gro every watering and ADD.27 every third watering.

The mothers are in 5 gal square pots, and the clones are going for a test run in my newly created bubble cloner. Really hoping the cloner works out, but I know the heat is working against my clones. Out of concern for fungi/bacteria growth, I purchased 29% H2O2 and added 3/ml per gallon to the bubble cloner reservoir. The cloner also contains some weak nutes made for cloning as well as some Tappin Roots.

I'm sure I forgot to add a bunch of important info, but there will be much more to come.
Pics coming soon!

If you read all this, I'd really appreciate your feedback.

Thanks everybody!


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Re: KingSLoth's First Grow; Soil w/ T5 HO 216w & 400w HPS. 3 Stains.

Welcome to the forums. It sounds like you have a workable plan in mind. There is a lot of good info on this site and many helpful people, if you need anything, just ask. I grow in a closet also with HO T5's only. A 4 foot 4 bulb and a 2 foot 4 bulb. Come check out my grows if you like. I grow in soil and bubble buckets.


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Re: KingSLoth's First Grow; Soil w/ T5 HO 216w & 400w HPS. 3 Stains.


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re: KingSLoth's First Grow - Soil with T5 HO 216W & 400W HPS - 3 Strains

How did this grow turn out?

We would love to be updated with some pictures and info.

How about posting a 420 Strain Review?

If you need any help with posting photos, please read the photo gallery tutorial: https://www.420magazine.com/forums/...lery-guide-how-resize-upload-post-photos.html

I am moving this to Abandoned Journals until we get updates.

Thanks and hope all is well in your world.

Love and respect from all of us here at 420 Magazine.

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