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Kirkyboi's First Go At Growing Journal


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Well i have been talking to a mate of mine and he has convinced me it would be a good idea to take some clones of all the mothers a week before i place them into 12/12 cycle so at least i can have a constant supply growing, so when that happens it looks like this journal will be going on for a while LOL


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Sounding great kirky...your LSTing on your girls stems, (thick or not) is awesome..your not going to bend them all over on the first couple of days..tie them down and tighten the string alittle more everyday till they are at a degree in which you want....then focus on tying branches down..by then you'll be at 18-24 inches like icemud said (including your LSTing)...it will give you those 2-4 more weeks you wanted...then switch to 12/12...this might only take 2 more weeks....goodluck :ciao:


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but ur ligts on 18 light 6 dark. u'll find they grow faster. the plants soak up light during the day and use it up and grow at night. bit like using recharchable batteries. U are wasting 6 hours electricity per day and that will add up. Ive tried the 24hr several times and my conclusion is there was no extra benefit, therefore whats the point. Just control the way the plants grow or u will end up with something to big and difficult to manage. personally i'd only veg another 2 weeks tops so that wen u flip lights u can experience the stretch and then u'll know where to go on ur next grow. I'd use this as a learning grow and not think about maximum yield but more to get to start to finish with few probs as poss and gain an understanding of growing....then my friend u can concentrate on going for those large yields and juicy juicy buds..........


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Hiya guys and girls well i tried to LST my prettys 2 days ago but it was not going well as the stems were to fat it was hurting the plants so instead i decided to leave this grow as is but will do it on my next grow, the one thing i was not happy about is while doing it i snapped one of the branches off which looks like it would have been a section that would bud in time, so instead of throwing it away i thought why not try a clone so bang a little pot of coco soil, clonex rooting hormone gel, coco a and b and rhizotonic.

Well 2 days in with the mummy and the little clone shows no sign of failing and looks healthy.

Got the tent running at 75F which humidity at 50% and the lights have been switched to 18 on and 6 off and to be honest i have seen a 1-2 inch jump in hight and the leaves look great.

Here are some pics:



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looking nice mate.
smart move changing to 18/6. I would only give them another week or so in veg max. then switch 12/12. simply because of space restraints and because with it being ur first grow u should see how this strain strtches and develops in flower. That way if u grow it again u have some information to go off in terms of how long to veg and flower. In my opinion in a set up like that a quicker turn around yields better than growing big plants that can be difficult to manage in a small space.


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just a little update on the clone i did ok this is what now the 4th day and checked it already there are new leaves coming out of the top of it and the stalk has doubled in width so far and is firmly stuck in the soil.

To be honest i am surprised how fast and how well my first ever clone is doing seen as it was from a broken branch.

Again to be honest i did the preperation different than i read and watch on the web in which i did the following:

Scraped down the stem about half inch on all sides the using a ravor blade i cut into the stem down the middle a quater of inch which made the stem separate at the bottom, placed it in water for 10 minutes then applied clonex rooting hormone and placed in a already treated coco soil with coco A + B and rhizotonic.

Will take a picture tommorrow for all to see.


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By the way i just wanted to ask for some advice regarding fliping the lights to 12/12 i have read from some people that they have seen great results by placing the plants in complete darkness for 24 / 36 or at times 48 hours prior to fliping the lights, has anyone had any good results doing this or wouldit be better just to forget that stage and flip them?


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Well seen as its been a few days i thought i would give a update on my grow well i decided it was time to flip the lights so 36 hours ago i turned them off and gave them complete dark for those 36 hours and 8 oclock this morning the lights came back on and is now running at 12 hours on 12 hours off and with any look will start to flower soon.

They are currently at a height of 20 inches and to help with the budding i have started using a nute with the rest of my nutes called Bloombastic as i have heard great views regarding using it.

Here are some pics that i took this morning:



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There Looking Great Kirky...glad you worked out the heat issues...they look really healthy now!!! great job!


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ok friends its been a bit since i updated on my grow so here it is i am currently on week 7 and the plants have started to bud and stink, one thing was it was getting cramped in there with all the fan leaves so i decided to trim the girls down a little to give it a boost so here is the before and after pics on my 7 girls, hope you like:



The Scraps:



Tell me what you think


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Hey freinds

Sorry not been back in a while to keep this journal up to date but been so busy but i am back to show the current status of my gourgous girls.
Well i am into my 10th week and to be honest i am quite surprised on my very first grow for personal use.
Me and the wife have been treating them like part of the family and have just recently chopped alot of leaves of so the small buds can get more light and so far they look like this, please please please tell me what you think and if you have any advice please feel free to offer it.....

Well lets not mess about and get on with the show so here are the long awaited pictures:


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Thats great for a first grow....I can truly see the difference that lighting makes...I am using cfls and my first grow didn't look anything like yours...But I am not working with good seeds just some bagseed. I truly need to get a better light...But keep up the good work! I can't wait to hear your smoke report..
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