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Ive seen on a bunch of threads people talking about lighting up just using knives. Can anyone help tell me how this works?


You use a blowtorch or torch lighter to heat a knife up til it's extremely hot..

and you drop your hash/ganja on it and quickly inhale through a staw

it's called a hot knifei, i believe
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awww hot knives. Take two butter knives and throw those bitches on the stove on the highest heat and cover them up with a pan or anything to keep them down. Once they're red hot put your smoke on the end of one knife and cover with the other. I cut a two liter to make a funnel so you can get the most smoke.


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ok...for 1 its called hot knifing....this can be done with weed...residue...or hash...(works better with res and hash) first of get a soda bottle and cut the bottom of it off (you will need two people to hot knife properly) take two butter knives( moms gonna hate you for this one) and place them over the flame of your burner on your stove...wait till they are hot..or glow red...take your material and place it on one knife
then take the other knife and put it ont he other so it is kinda like a knife/weed sandwhich then take your cut off bottle put over the knives(smokes should be fillin up the bottle) and just inhale till the material has burnt to ash
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