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Kona Gold Solutions, Inc. Eliminates All Outstanding Debt

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ROCKLEDGE, Fla., Dec. 06, 2017 - Kona Gold Solutions, Inc. (OTC Pink:KGKG), a hemp lifestyle brand of exclusivity and status, is pleased to announce that the Company's management team has personally bought out all of the outstanding liabilities on the Company's balance sheet to leave Kona Gold Solutions, Inc. with $0 in liabilities.

"At the beginning of the year, one of the goals the company set out to accomplish was to eliminate all outstanding liabilities, and I am very pleased to announce to our shareholders that we have done so," stated Robert Clark, CEO of Kona Gold Solutions, Inc. "The company has positioned itself to have a very successful year in 2018 with no outstanding liabilities, two homerun products in our Hemp Energy Drinks and CBD Energy Waters, and a vastly growing supply chain in our distributors and wholesalers. I am very excited for what's in store for 2018 and have a strong inclination we'll see big things happening early on."

Kona Gold recently announced shipment of the Company's new HighDrate CBD Infused Energy Waters. The Company's new HighDrate CBD Energy Waters, which are available in four delicious flavors, Watermelon, Tropical Coconut, Georgia Peach, and Kiwi-Strawberry, shipped from its co-packer's facility and is in route to the Company's warehouse in Rockledge, FL.

Clark continued, "Our highly anticipated HighDrate CBD Energy Waters will hit our warehouse at the end of the week, with 16,000 bottles being delivered. All pre-orders will be fulfilled and shipped this Friday."

Kona Gold Solutions, Inc.:

Kona Gold Solutions, Inc. has created Kona Gold LLC, a Delaware Corporation, which has developed a premium Hemp Infused Energy Drink line, Energy shots, and Apparel; please visit the Company's new website at Hemp Energy Drinks, Energy Shots, and Apparel - Premium Hemp Company. The Company is located on the east coast of Florida in Rockledge, FL.

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