Kongfuzi Grows Some Autos: A First Time Grower Goes All In


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Hey y’all, long time reader, first time grower.

Indoor inside a tent using the best I could afford because honestly weed gets expensive and 200 a week could be going to other things tbh.

Let’s go over the setup:

6x4x7 HLG tent with HLG550 V2 light @ 3000k
- (1) 6 inch Infinity Cloudline T6 hooked to a 6” Phresh carbon filter going to outside the house
- (3) 6w Monkey Fans
- (2) 20w Vivosun Oscillating Monkey Fans
- (1) upsidedown 20w desk fan zipetied to the side

Octopot 3 gallons all around with a LOS made by me

Fish-Mix (BioBizz)
Top-Max (BioBizz)
Mammoth P
Orca liquid Myco
CaMg+ by General Organics

So I have planted:

1x Devil Cream Auto (Sweet Seeds) started 9/28/18
2x Northern Lights Auto (Nirvana Seeds) started 9/20/18
1x Kush Auto (Seedsman) started 9/28/18
1x Skywalker Auto (Mephisto Genetics) started 9/27/18
1x Gorilla Glue Auto ??? (Fast Buds) started 9/25/18
1x Dreamberry Auto (Auto Seeds) started 9/20/18

The current state of the grow:

Mistakes I’ve made:

- Did not test how hot my soil was before planting. These plants have been in 3500 ppm runoff soil with 1200ppm BioBizz line of organic nutes in the res and only the Northern Lights and Dreamberry showed signs of deficiencies (thought that might be light burn).
- Had to take a work trip and ended up leaving the lights too low for 10 or so days (6” instead of 14-18”) from days 30-40ish

I’ll be going into further detail in the next posts about how each one is currently doing.
First things first: In honor of @SweetSue, the Devils Cream



Honestly, this strain has been super painless to grow. I topped it right at 4 nodes (I know I know never top autos) and it’s been growing like a dream. Super frosty, great smell, no problems with nutes, even when I threw 1200 ppm of Bio-Bloom at it on accident. The soil was apparently even hotter at 2200 ppm runoff this past weekend, and yet it’s been just fine.

Oh my Dreamberry. I still have somewhat high hopes for you, even though you seemed to catch some nute burn/lockout while I was out of town, and also had the dirty foul smelling sludge issue which caused the great Veterans Day flush of the whole grow. She was topped as well at 5 nodes, branching into this LST’d baby we have now.

In the past couple of days she has recovered some color in the fan leaves and tops, and the buds are still gaining size and color.


Northern Lights #1

Man, these started with so much vigor, but beginners error on my part and not doing my due diligence, while getting overexcited with the bloom ferts led us here.

Hopefully she can give me at least some decent smoke, but compounded mistakes right in the beginning of flower is definitely gonna cost me in yield and smoke. #1 definitely came out the better of the 2, with 2 Big stalks and a small field of nice dense ones.



Northern Lights #2

So sad.

So so sad.

It was so big, showed so much promise the first month and I def fucked it all up.
(Back right)

But now, I’ll be lucky to get maybe a zip off of her. Maybe she will shake back from the light burn and sludge with extreme nutes but maybe not. *shrugs*

Skywalker Auto

Back to the fun plants!


This, like the Devils Cream, has been a joy to grow. It’s suffered through the sludge and high nutes, but being a week behind the bigger plants, it didn’t get caught in the light burn like the Northern Lights and Dreamberry. It’s taken both the high nutes and the light flush like a champ. It smells amazing and the trich production just keeps growing. It’s not on the level of the DC but it’s getting there. Def will have to grow this strain again the future.



Mystery Time!

This was supposed to be a Gorilla Glue Auto from Fast Buds, but...


Yeah...it’s day 50 still in veg. It’s taking up a 2x2 space, and still growing, albeit a lot slower now that it’s in the corner with very light grow nutes.

So uhh, not sure what to do. Flip it to flower? But my lights are on 20/4, so idk what that would do to the others.

So for the highs and lows of the grow so far:

The Neem seed I placed in the compost back in August must be helping to keep the pests down, as I very rarely see gnats, and the mosquito problem was short-lived with a few mosquito dunks to fix it. Also a fuckin wasp got in there somehow?

Now the lows:

Foliar spraying with the lights on. With a regular sprayer and not a mister. Twice.

Some mystery sludge shit that was stinking up the whole grow room. I think it was the ferts going bad from not being used due to the LOS being hotter than the sun that fell into the res and out the net cup combined with microbes and enzymes and yeah, it sucked. So we cleaned out all the Octopot res this past Sunday night, flushed each plant except the mystery one with 5 gal of 6.5 distilled water, gave a light soil drench of grow nutes and a bit of calmag+ and refilled all the res with 100ppm 6.5 water. It seems like the Dreamberry and Northern Lights are starting to green up again a little bit.

Hopefully the rest of the grow goes smooth, with 1/2 strength of just bloom enhancer (Top-Max from BioBizz) until the last week then just water and molasses.
Loving your grow. Amazing ladies you have there.
What's your opinion on the ac infinity fan you have? I actually have that one in my cart to order on Amazon.

I like it a lot. The tent actually has a cutout specifically for the fan controller (which I hastily fucked up the installation on and never went back to fix) so I can check out basic things at a glance. The SMART mode on it is pretty dope.



I’m also growing some sexy sexy large leaf basil that tastes absolutely delicious and really conformation that I can use my LOS Airy mix for food without flushing or nutes.

They only get the light that doesn’t hit the main plants, sitting way on the ground, but it hasn’t stopped them from being ready to harvest and way bigger than normal a few weeks early.

Leaves are so good even the cat likes it.

All in all everything looks good, you seem to be back on the right track!

Man I hope so. That sludge issue was awful. It smelled worse than dead bodies, like when you burn a shitpile, but without the heat. Compost this was not.

I know I’ll probably pull about 6-8 zips out of this grow, so that’s enough to get me to the next grow.
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