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Alright sports fans, we’re officially kicking off my second grow with a lot of photos and a couple of autos just to see what they got for me. I added more soil and slightly less aeration to the mix, with more silica and carbon added directly to the soil to save my ass the trouble later.

The main 2 strains I’m growing are Challenger Deep from Ocean Grown Seeds (I purchased 10 and got 12 so they are already in my good graces!) and Raspberry Moonshine from Mosca Seeds. The hope is to be able to cross them and come up with something new, magical, that will get you high as balls.

We got some rando seeds, some old, some new in there, just seeing what they have while being limited to 1 gal fabric pots the whole grow.

So I set up a staging area outside the 2 tents for things to spend their first 2 weeks, as well as a clone station when not coming from seed, all under 100w LED in the closet.

Here are the little babies cooking, I’ll check back on them in 72 hours.


I’m going all organic yet again, but with fabric pots this run instead of octopots, as real estate is a premium and I’m currently pheno hunting this round, looking for a mother plant to keep running as well as cross breeding these 2 strains.

I’ve been doing tons of reading on Korean Natural Farming, so my soil has been getting loaded up with tons of microbes and nematodes and all the beneficial fungi and compost I can get my hands on to have this as close as I can get to a zero effort grow.

Same setup as my first journal, plus more fans here and there, along with the second tent for flowering.

@Th34v4t4r this one is for you, to show you how little effort is needed compared to patience.


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Im in instantly.... I wanted minimal effort.. I've just been feeding a p.h of 7+ since germination... I'm out of the woods now though inknow it.

Goodluck.. cnt wait to see what's in here


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Korean Natural Farming. I have been playing around with it for a year now. Here is a link to manual I hope I don't get in trouble for sharing this manual.

KNF Manual


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What KNF inputs you planning on using?

I’ve been throwing IMO-1 and IMO-2 stage microbes from around town and from some I cultivated from mixing and matching different things like Mammoth P and various competitors directly into my compost heap, along with bananas and orange slices. I also have red wiggled works in the compost and Bokashi, so it’s not 100% KNF, but more of a blend between KNF and traditional no-till.

So after 4 days I went to check on the babies.


I ended up taking out Raspberry Moonshine #1 and #2 because they literally grew out the rockwool. I thought they needed some stem support, but when I tried to insert a small nail into the rockwool, the whole seedling just slipped out of it, so I transplanted the 2 of them into 2.5” plastic pots a little early.

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