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Kool Bloom vs Monster Bloom vs Purple Maxx and Gravity

Which one is the best in results between :

Kool Bloom vs Monster Bloom vs Purple Maxx and Gravity

Here are info on the products:

Kool Bloom

A highly concentrated nutrient additive, Kool Bloom (0-10-10) promotes abundant flowering and helps facilitate ripening in annual flowers and herbs. Rich in phosphorous and potassium, it is also fortified with General Hydroponics secret ingredients. This blend enhances production of essential oils and fragrances by mildly stressing plants during the formation of fruits and flowers. Can be used as a nutrient additive during the second phase of reproductive growth, or as a stand-alone nutrient at the very end of a plant’s life cycle. Promotes larger, heavier fruits and flowers.

Unique features:
• Encourages abundant flowering.
• Facilitates ripening in annuals.
• Boosts production of essential oils and fragrances.
• Increases size and weight of fruits and flowers.
• Precisely formulated to boost potency and enhance the performance of all types of nutrients.

Monster Bloom

More effective that gamma rays, radioactive spider-bite, or the blessings of Kryton's sun, Monster Bloom will turn your plants into super-heroes worthy of a comic book. This azure colored product from Grotek derives its strength from super phosphates and buffers that deliver enhanced harvest results never achieved before. Blessed with this blue powder, plants Increase OIL production! And produce Extra Large Buds!

Use Monster Bloom with three weeks of intense flowering left before harvest. Use 1 tsp for every 5 gallons of nutrient solution. Use every time you fertilize right up to about three days before harvest. Then flush the plant well with a quality flushing agent such as Final Flush. The 130-gram size is enough for 108 gal. of nutrient solution. The 500-gram size is enough for 415 gal. of nutrient solution.

3. Purple Maxx

The next hit product from the people that brought us Bushmaster and Gravity!
Purple Maxx has been in development for over two years under the name of STACKER. They discovered a combination of organic compounds that would not only encourage plants to "stack" their flowering sites closer together during early flower development but would also stimulate increased resin development later. Plus, it would increase the girth of primary flowers, add mass and stimulate extreme crystallization in resin producing plants. Early testers also found that using a feeding regimen of both Gravity and STACKER reported their plants turned dark purple!

Please keep in mind this is an experimental product and is not completely ready for sale, but due to extreme demand is now being released in limited quantities. When applied properly, Purple Maxx enhances the existing purple produced. Plants that do not contain purple may not see any color change.

100% Organic


GRAVITY FLOWER HARDENER - Viagra for plants!
Customers have been raving about this product, especially when used in conjunction with Bush Master.
Now available outside of Humboldt County. Not another pretty bottle, not another roadside attraction on the hydroponic superhighway, this is the real deal. Works well with any nutrient line. Just apply it once about three weeks before finish for results than can't be duplicated by any other product. Watch as flowers become denser and tighter than ever before. Find out for yourself why Gravity is the hottest product in Humboldt County.
Gravity is unlike any other flower-finishing product on the market. Gravity fills out flower clusters and increases total flower mass without interfering with flower scent and color. Based on natural ingredients, Gravity is the brother of Bushmaster, the popular plant height controller used at the beginning of flowering. Like Bushmaster, Gravity is recommended for flowering plants and not fruiting plants like tomatoes and peppers due to fruit drop.
The first testers reported modest weight gains with extreme hardening of the flowers, even the smallest ones. Founded on kelp extract, the product was fine-tuned to produce weight gains of 15% with many testers consistently achieving weight gains in the 30-40% range.

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone has been using this stuff. I'm going to be using bushmaster to keep my plants short and bushy, but I'm thinking of buying bottles of each of these and trying them out. I love the sound of denser, fatter, more resin covered buds.
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