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Itaewon, North Korea.

Smoking tolerance level: low super duper low (1 out of 5)

Legislation: Let's put it this way, you have to buy in bulk the laws are so strict, to sell any other way is insane.

Law enforcement: They will put you in prison for ever if you are caught with even the smallest bit.

Where to buy marijuana: Itaewon entertainment district... Talk to the local in teh clubs and they will give you a small amount but they will lead you to the regualr hook up but it will cost you.

Marijuana prices: 90 american dollars for a gram. WTF

Marijuana brands: Mostly thai sticks... But on occasion you can find KB but it will cost a pretty penny.

More information: Be careful. I mean really careful. Like a spy... (Hint Hint Hint) Think international spy stuck in prison in Korea.
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Are we talking North or South Korea...I thought Kim Jong-il ran NK with an iron fist while SK was a little more tolerable of mj.
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