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Kosher Kush - DNA Genetics Reserva Privada


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Strain Name - Kosher Kush

From - DNA Genetics Reserva Privada line

When - 8/22

Price - $93-$116 for 6 seeds

Type - Mostly Indica Hybrid

Appearance - Very dense buds with orange hairs, 1 zip of KK takes up half the space in a jar that my SSH does.

Smell - Pungent

Taste - Strong and earthy

Type of Buzz - It provides both a cerebral and body high with long lasting effect.

Length of Buzz - 1st test was at least 5 hours (went to bed before the effect had worn off)

Best Medicinal Use - cancer, sleep apnea, insomnia, anxiety, stress and pain reliever.

Overall - The KK has a strong solvent smell out of the jar and with the short 7 day cure the solvent is tamed but still potent with a touch of earthy scent. The intake was quite a bit smoother than the early harvest, but still on the strong side making me feel like I was just on the verge of coughing but not quite. As I said the high was more crisp than razor sharp like the early stuff, meaning that the early stuff made me feel like I could build a stadium for 20,000 in 48 hours whereas the current harvest makes me feel more like I can supervise the crew that is building a stadium for 20,000 - still mentally clear but equally ready to relax and chill and just shy of couch lock. For me this is just about a perfect state to be in so I'll be keeping the KK around for sure. I also have used the oil from this plant to make concentrated cannabis oil and we've been using it successfully for cancer and MS. We also use other strains because we like to mix with Sativa for daytime medication and with higher CBD strains for night time.
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