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Kosher Kush / Strawberry Cough


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Plants: Kosher Kush & Strawberry Cough
Lights: 4 Compact Fluorescent Lights = 300 Watt Equivalence -- > Will be adding more 4 more later in growth
Medium: Happy Frog Soil


* 2 parts blood meal
* 3 parts fish meal


* 3 parts bone meal
* 6 parts rock phosphate or colloidal phosphate


* 1 part kelp meal
* 6 parts greensand

source: Rodale Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening

Reflectivity: Mylar Blankets
Air Flow: Two fans; One oscillating the other for suction
Using Pur Filter for the Water.


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subscribed. you can lower your Compact Florescent Light bulbs to 5-6 inches from your plants.

Alight I have them 5 to 6 inches away. I was curious when I close the doors it heats up really fast. Is there anyway to reduce the temperature. I have a box slit open with a fan blowing the air out.


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it all depends on what temperature your grow are is and how warm it may get. 70°-86° Fahrenheit is acceptable, even as warm as 90° Fahrenheit. if your temperature exceeds 90° Fahrenheit then you will need a dedicated exhaust fan to remove the heat from your grow area.

Do you know how much an extensive cost like that would be?

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