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Kraw420's First 420 Magazine Grow Log 2014 - 1 Tent - Dual 600's and a Bloombox


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What is up 420MAG community. You know, this website really is an amazing place, its a community, an endless vault of information and bud porn. I mean, what more do you want!?
I have been a long time visitor, reader, learner, creeper, stalker, whatever, but first time recording and posting a grow log.

I run 2 600 watt DayStar AC 6" Hydro Farm hoods in a 4'x4'x6.5' tent with an inline 6" 474 cfm extraction fan exhausting through my basement window.

I also run a BCNL Bloom Box rigged to run soil and soilless mediums. I swapped the 125 watt CFL for a 200 on the veg side, on the flower side is a 430 Watt HPS.

I have 5 strains I am currently running, Great White Shark, Big Bang, Chemdog, OG Kush and Purple #1.

Mediums: Pro Mix BX & Rockwool
Rockwool Size: Bag of 1 inch grow chunks, 2.5" cubes & 6" HUGO cubes .
Pot Size: 2.5 Gallon, 3 Gallon, 4 Gallon & 5 Gallon.

Fertalizer: General Organics Line, General Hydroponics 3 part Micro/Grow/Bloom, Liquid Kool Bloom & Kool Bloom Dry

Temps inTent Lights On: 80F-86F
Lights Off: ~69F
Temps in Bloom Box Lights On: ~78F
Lights Off: ~69F

I'm running a perpetual grow currently so I have plants at various stages of growth.
I will have pictures of my beautiful ladies and of my setup to follow tomorrow...


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Alright, on to the photos.
The first set of photos im going to post, will givve you the basic layout of my operation.
The second set will be of my girls.


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The girls in my Bloom Box on the flower side are all Great White Shark S-1's, the 7 in the back 2 rows are around 3 weeks from harvest.
The 4 in the first row are about a week from flip.



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The 4 GWS 1 week from flip.

The 7 GWS 3 weeks from harvest









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The Great White Shark mother & OG Kush, Purple #1 on the veg side of my Bloom Box


Here are a few bud shots of Chemdog from a recent harvest.




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I have been having a bit of trouble diagnosing a yellowish, bronze spotting on some of the leaves of a couple plants.
What do you guys think?



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Nice setup mate that bloom box is smart.
Those spots iv had before. I found this info in an old 420 journal. Might not be your issue but this is a script on rust spots on fan leaves


rust, how many of you have had this and been beaten by it? lots i bet!!!
first, rust is a fungi. it is opportunist. it preys on unwell plants. if something is a miss, rust is a sign. rust has been identified to have 7,000 species. it attacks crops of every description. but we're only interested in one variety arn't we?
if rust is present early in a grow, you have problems as it's an indicator something in your room is a miss. usually ventilation. go through your system and double check things are in place and working properly.
rust is an air borne fungi. if given the opportunity, it WILL take hold. it usually does during flower as this is when the plants immune system is at its weakest as its energies are concentrating on re-production, not survival.
depending on what part of the grow you get it, you can cure/minimize it with either chemical or natural remedies.
it enters the leaf via the stomata and then it's off and running.
fungacides used are generally copper based and include; thriram, manzecob, maneb or zineb at 10 day intervills.
baking soda, 1 tea spoon/ quart of water. spray on.
copper sulphate, read lables.
fungacidal soap sprays;
garlic sprays, 1/2 cup minced garlic, 1 quart of water. let sit 24hrs, strain, spray.
sulphur, one of the best natural sprays. it is low in toxicity.
micro kill, a citric based killer. i use this with great success


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Thanks for the info maccamoo. I have never had this issue using the pro-mix soil, but as soon as I changed to a 80%+ peat based medium, a few fan leaves start showing it, and only in the Bloom Box.
I'll have to do some more reading on it, thanks again.


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Not sure on the spots.

Is the bloomBox as short as it looks, only looks about 5 feet tall? Wondering how useful it really is?

The Bloom Box is great for SOG applications. I used to use the veg side for keeping mothers and/or producing clones, vegging clones. I would use the "flowering" side for vegatative growth by swapping the HPS for a MH and switching the rocker switch from 12/12 to 18/6. When I was satisfied with the height/grwoth I would flower in my tent but I thought I would try it this way and see what it could do.
These are its basic dimensions.
Width: 54"
Height: 51" (on wheels)
Depth: 28"


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No problem sorry i cant be of more specific help but ur at the right place for info

You got that right, I love this website.


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Nice work kraw!

Do you do any foliar treatment? Spots could be related to that.

Yes very true, but the only foilar feeding or treatments I have done where done in Vegetative growth. These spots started shortly after I changed the light cycle. I also didn't experience these spots until I introduced Liquid Kool Bloom, I wonder if it could be related to that.
Although im very careful not to over feed.
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