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Kristen Stewart was caught smoking marijuana out of a pot pipe just a few days ago in Los Angeles. Her Twilight movie may be doing well at the box office, but behavior like this could hurt her chances at making it into the Twilight remake, or at least put a cap on her salary.

Last we checked it was still a crime in California to smoke marijuana unless you have a medical need. Boredom doesn't qualify.

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There are pics you can search for if you have not seen them all ready.


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and how do you know it was just boredom?
...and not stress, or anxiety, or migrains or chronic pain, or... one of the many more reasons to use mmj


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you use it just because your board??
it dosn't help you with anything?.... yoru not getting away from life for a sec and have no worries.. (AKA releaving stress)

if its not doing anything for you, then why do it? just because your board?
thats not it for me.. i wouldn't spend that much money (we all know that pot is expensive) because i'm board.


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i like that young hollywood is not hiding this, who cares, weed is harmless. More people should smoke it to calm themselves down. She's also hot, and now way more sexy in my book.

Another good point here...why does noone care that paris hilton and all the other celebrity for no reasons go out and get drunk, and blow lines, people wana see that and don't seem to care. But kristin stewart hits a bong, now she's a terrible person?


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Give her a break it helps with dealing with sex addiction too I heard on tv she was caught cheating by her bf if not future hubby not long ago

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