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Kushahn Goes Organic With The Hulk 2020


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Ok guys I’ve gone out on a limb here, way out of my comfort zone and diving deep into the unknown for me anyway.

So this will be my 3rd indoor grow and will be totally organic which I knew nothing about until a a few weeks ago when I decided to go down this path a acquired the book True LivingOrganic’s by The Rev which I’m sure some of you are familiar with.

I’m not sure how often I’ll b able to keep u guys and gals updated, so apologies in advance, but I will do my best hopefully once a week at minimum.

So here’s the setup

4x4x6 Grow Tent
6” exhaust fan
2x non oscillating circulation fans.
1 circulating and 1 heater fan wired to a temperature control unit.
1 programmable humidifier
A 52 litre reservoir servicing The Bucket Company’s 6x3 gallon pots with 2 sprayers per pot and runoff drainage

Using a 1:1:1 ratio of No till Organic compost and 2kg bag of nutrient kit mixed together with always Peats Moss and Perlite.

Will be growing Bruce Banner, Skywalker OG and Black Widow, 2 of each.

At first will be using a 600w HPS but as soon my other light arrives, HLG 550 Quantum Board, wil be using it.

Anyways as u can see have put seeds in Jiffy Peat pots this morning.

Over the next 12+ weeks I hope I can put on a good show for whoever stops by.



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Did you dust those Jiffy things with something, or is that white mold (or something else)?


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Day 8

Temp 24C
RH 60%

I have 5 seedlings in now and waiting in 1 to germinate. I have raised the light to 110cm and backed it off to 30% and seem to be getting better results. They are coming along a lot better. Still only misting the leaves and a good squirt around the base.


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Day 12
Temp 24C
RH 60%

Have given them a circle watering just outside their canopyyesterday and one looks a bit water logged, droopy. One has had some brown spots on the tips of her leaves? Anythoughts anyone?
I did have the light at 40cm and 60% for a few days would that have done it?


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Hi! Another Rev inspired TLO grow! I am intrigued. Tell me more about this kit that you have added to the soil... is it mineralized like a super soil? I think I read that you mixed it with your base soil 1:1 all throughout the container? I am trying to ascertain whether the difficulties you are now seeing are soil based or watering based.


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Ok so I have a No Till Organic Compost that I bought along with all my other goodies, which I will get into later, from an Organic Gardening Supplier here in Australia. I mixed it 1:1:1 with perlite and Peats Here is the link to the product and supplier.


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ok, so lets for now assume that you have all the nutrients that will be needed all through the grow in this 50% coots mix and lets see what happens especially with the one showing the spotting... it could be an early lighting issue... and the new growth looks ok... lets see what happen over the next week.


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Day 17
RH 50-60%

Haven’t watered for 5 days now and they seem to be a bit more perky. Have still got the light at 110cm and I turned it down to 20%. Growth is still slow. Not sure if I should lower the light bit or not? Plants aren’t going limp so not sure when to water again?


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RH 50-60%

Two of the girls had slightly droopy leaves so gave them all a few squirts of water and a slight misting @Emilya. Still not happy with tha lack of growth they have hardly grown at all in a week. I have lowered the light to 90cm and turned it down to its lowest dimmeable setting.


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3x the diameter.... you are not using enough water


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The squirter is for when the plants are tiny and still swimming around in the soil. Now it is time to get out the watering can and give a good amount of water all around the plant, but let a good amount go in around the base of the plant too. I would expect you could easily throw 1/2 gallon at each of them at this point, and after we see a big growth spurt and they use up this water, I think next time it would be safe to completely water the pots and I bet they all can hold at least 3/4 gallon of water, if not a little more. I would do it now... the roots are wanting to grow!


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Day 24

After being reminded(thanks @Emilya ) that my watering practises were less than desirable, the young ladies have almost doubled in size. I have since last posting watered the outermost of the pot. Checked the bottom of the pot with the water meter this morning and the bottom is still quite damp but the top half is dry so gave just enough water to soak half way down each pot. Next watering will be a full soaking and maybe a feed with that or just plain water. What do u guys think?


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Day 28

So yesterday I lowered the light(still trying to work this new LED) to 80cm and increased it to 50% and this morning it seems like positive results with a bit more growth.
The bottom 1/3 of the pots are still quite moist according to the moisture meter, so I have watered the top half with (rainwater straight from the tank if I hadn’t mentioned that before) and their first feed. I treated the ladies to some aloe boost at the rate of 1.5ml/10 litres and also gave them I Foliar spray. Will be interesting to see their response when I get home from work.

Cheers everyone and great growing to you.21C94BE4-88CF-4A55-B0D5-B8F5A5AD3B7B.gif
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