Kusharella's Northern Lights


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First time growing Northern Lights, I'm pretty stoked.

I grow mainly old school, in soil. Water when they tell me. Fert when they tell me. I have the basics covered, which is medium, light, air flow, temperature and humidity. Beyond that, let's face it, these are girls and they change their minds daily about what they want. I just listen, observe, and resist the urge to overthink/do it.

I have a 240W LED panel in the flower tent, everything else is CFL. I am able to utilize a spare room which I separate into "elementary, middle & high school". Once the ladies hit high school they go on the floor under a hanging CFL - two tables designate elementary (clones, seedlings, rookies) and middle school (well on their way).
The flower tent of course, is "college".

The two plants involved in this journal are Northern Lights. NL-1 germinated September 20th. NL-2 germinated October 23rd.

They are feminized seeds, but experience has taught me to sex them all the same. The plan is to wait until each is old enough to clone, and grab 2 from each. Once they've rooted, 1 will go into flower (to confirm sex). Then we're on our way. After two months in veg, CL-1 is ready to give up a couple daughters. :)



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NL-1 gave up two daughters yesterday. As soon as they root, one of them is going into flower (to sex). Once determined a lady, she can produce all the "teaser buds" she wants - her mama will get her (female rock star) name and her sister too.

Then it's the same routine for NL-2.

They will be girls, they will be girls, they will be girls, they will be girls :circle-of-love:


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NL # 1 is recovering nicely after giving up two (daughters). Can't wait till that's a given :high-five:

And NL # 2 is revving up for a growth spurt after being transplanted. The first couple of weeks I only water from the outside in, and barely touch the middle. Make those roots reach for it.

I may be eating turkey tomorrow but I'll be dreaming of Northern Lights :)


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Forgot to note - I lost one of the two clones I took from Alanis. 10 days ago I had a catastrophe in the grow room. A light collapsed and destroyed some girls with it. At first I was devastated but then realized I'd let things get out of hand so it became a blessing.

I need to replenish my Master Kush next time I clone. I plan to take a couple from Northern Lights #2 soon. I think I'll let this journal cover that grow as well. So next cloning session - 2 Master Kush 2 Northern Lights #2. Once the latter roots, NL#2 will get flipped to 12/12. That'll give me time to sex her before Alanis is ready to harvest.

I like to have the girls in flower at different stages of growth. That way I can pull 2, put 2 new girls in. I don't consider it a "sea of green" having different strains but the outcome is the same.

I also finally harvested all the sativas that were in the flower tent. That gave me LOTS more room for the bushier strains. Sativas sure do hog the real estate ;)


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Measured her yesterday - still at 30 inches. At 24 days in flower, her cola is starting to develop. I have a feeling I'm going to like this strain - her buds seem tight. ;)

Does anyone know how many posts you need before your threads show up in "new posts" ? Seems the newbies don't get much exposure. I have to search for my own thread, even after updating. I tried to find rules about that but failed. Someone said you have to have 50 posts to receive PMs - perhaps it's the same rule for exposure to new posts ?



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Alanis is coming along nicely at 29 days in flower :)



I had an issue in the flower tent recently - I came down with the flu and for a few mornings, slept in. The Hubz unzipped for me these mornings. Due to being ill, I was zipping them up early at night so I could go back to bed. Yesterday morning I was back in good form, up early, so peeked under the flap about a half hour before lights on - I discovered the lights were ALREADY ON !!!!!!!!!!!!

OH NO ! How long has THIS been going on ?

The timer failed - never shut the lights off the night before. I'm going to assume it was discovered the morning after, but there's a small fear this could have been going on a couple of days w/o my knowledge. Either way - I have 8 girls in there, including this Northern Lights, that have endured a light change.


Where's my Elmer Fudd hat ? Where's my "nanner tweezers" ? It appears I will be "Hermie Patrol Central" for the rest of this harvest. What a big fat boil on my butt. Oh well. My bad. Got the flu and had to hand the controls over, temporarily. Of COURSE my timer would decide this is the best opportunity its going to have to SCREW ME UP ROYALLY - let's BREAK while "da man" is in charge. He doesn't check these details - he just zips and unzips and admires the buds - let's BREAK NOW.

Naturally - I cannot be mad at "da man". Instead - I'll be mad at "da flu". Stupid flu - now it's out of the way for 2014 - I don't want to see you again for a decade ya nasty little bug - you wreck everything. ;)

I have (2) Master Kush expected to be ready for harvest in a couple of weeks - then 2 Jack Herers two weeks after that. This Northern Lights should be sometime following that. NO NANNERS - NO NANNERS - NO HERMIES - OK ?

Donning my Elmer Fudd hat - got scopes, tweezers and lots of hermie hatred. :)
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