Kushington Farms Starts New Critical Kush Grow Journal

Nice to see u updating regularly
thanks dusty I do my best. spring and summer is travel time so I am doing all I can to keep a schedule on the updates
Alright my friends the first two plants maybe done but I am not. This is a new lady I put out to flower just after I left LA so I am missing weeks one and two so it will start around week 3 of flower
Day 17

Day 21
Greetings everyone,
I am here to update my journals sorry I have been kind of slacking on the updates. The traveling season has begun again. I have the pictures taken but I have been traveling winning my first contest for best sativa in Grand Rapids last weekend, and setting up an all-inclusive very light weight growing kit for patients on weight restriction. Thank you to everyone who has been following and asking if I’m doing okay. You never know in this industry so good looking out to all of you. Thanks!! Now for some updates. Anyone interested in using Lush Lights can use my Discount code KF420 and receive 20% off your order. Hydro LED Light | Lush Lighting | 888-960-4LED
Happy growing kush. Hey man my critical kush made a turnaround took her first cutting last week thanks for the wellwishes peace

Dude that is great to hear. :Namaste:
Next thing we'll see is you riding a goat through the gr xd

I was reading that thread on UVB (270-300nm) light. Is that range included in your grow or is it just hype?
critical kush

One more thing if you dont mind how close do your plants get to your lush lights. I have the luminator and have it about 30" away in flower is that to close are to far every thing looks badass just want to optimise you know.

so mate am see your diong some critical kush am about to do the same mine are b,s f beans and they were not chaeap,how did you get on with your nuits do they like them am going for the 25%thc but there more going to be 20,22 tops,am usuing a six 600 watt hps in flowering a 600 watt blue bulb for vegging,i advice going would be welcome some done black russianday last gro,the bud was lovely to smoke and it was crystal covered some black russian there the last time and it was great tastest like and smelled of pineapple,meant to be 20& b ut ws more like17.5 anyadvice on the critical would be appriciated,i know what phono i got i know how long to give them,just anything exyra would help,happy glasgow smoker,bigcooky.if you here of any girl scouyt cookys thin mints will you let me know,thanks.
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