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Kustom Kulture - Wild Turkey 5" Hand Pipe Review

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Please join me in another 420 Product Review. Today, what we have up for a review is a beautifully crafted Hand Pipe from our sponsor Kustom Kulture, and you know that's not all I have to show you. Along with the Hand Pipe, I will also be talking about a great accessory that they carry as well, Dime Bags.

First up is the Hand Pipe, on first impressions as you can see this pipe had a pink tint to it. The main thing that attracted my eye to this magnificent piece is the main fact of Heavy Glass! What we have here is a 5" Wild Turkey Hand Glass Pipe. As I mentioned above, it had a pink tint to it so that was a little discouraging on the use of that pipe in the presence of company. A shame at that as well, as it has a nice sized bowl depth as well, just the right sized carb hole for a slow and steady stream of medication straight into your lungs, and if you're like myself, your muscle spasms will be happy with that slow stream, as it won't send you into a choking cough. So with that worry in mind, I noticed that it was color changing glass as well, thinking I already can see pink in it, I decided to see what it would look like after some usage. Through the pipe, it also has a long swirl of blue that runs through the stem of the pipe up to the very tip part of the bowl. That was when I first got the pipe.

Now after some amounts of smoke sessions, what we have is a wonderful combination of blue and green colors swirls throughout the whole pipe! As it changed, it slowly brought out a new line that I couldn't notice before without being used. Through the base of the pipe, it is still fairly see through however, you can now see the green lines throughout it. It runs perpendicular along with the blue lines that run through the pipe as well. You can also tell how much more glass is there now which makes it such a heavy piece, I happen to love when my hand pipe is heavy as I know it is there, I don't feel like the slightest tap could it in a thousand pieces and glass dust! Any pipe users know that this is a very devastating sight to see!

With that said, brings us to the Dime Bag. The Dime Bags that Kustom Kulture carries come in different sizes and colors, I got the brown one that is fit for a 5" hand pipe. Just right for my beautiful art work of a hand pipe! It zips along the top of the bag and down the one sid of it to show a secure place for your pipe to rest in comfort as it waits for you to use it again. Inside is completely 420% cotton which is soft padded to keep your glass safe, also has a zipper pocket on the inside that you can keep a lighter in or if you need to carry your meds in it as well, there is a smell proof baggie that comes along with the bag that in my opinion, blocked the smell just fine! The outside is a hemp/polyester mix, you can really tell the hemp feeling in the bag. In my opinion, this bag is an absolute much if you plan on taking your stash with you. Between the protective cover over your precious smoking apparatus and the smell proof bag, it's a win-win situation right there!


Thank you Kustom Kulture for your continued support to our mission. We are truly grateful! :thanks:
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