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KY: Smiths Grove Farm Growing Hemp

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Elkins Farms in Smiths Grove is busy growing fields full of hemp.

Mike Bullock, local agriculture specialist with South Central Community and Technical College says the farm hopes to promote the hemp industry and educate people on the potentials available through growing commercial hemp.

Experts say all commercial hemp in Kentucky is considered to be experimental, and is controlled through the Department of Agriculture.

Bullock says Chad Elkins, of Elkins Farms, has a permit to be able to grow the hemp in Warren County.

"And the state knows that this field is here. It's GPS'd and anywhere he goes, he has to have that permit with him. It's highly controlled, and before the harvest of this crop, they'll come and test it for the THC," says Bullock.

Bullock says due to the regulations, if the product tests too high for THC once it's harvested, it will have to be destroyed.

"Kentucky needs to be the leading industry in this in the nation. They've been trying to promote hemp production for several years," adds Bullock.

According to David Spalding, the commercial hemp at Elkins Farms is being grown for Atalo Holdings, a company out of Winchester, Kentucky.

"We process hemp and make hemp products," says Spalding.

"We will eventually crush this grain for oil and mill, or possibly dehull it for the hemp hearts," he adds, standing in the field at Elkins Farms.

Spalding says the harvested hemp can also be used to make a base for cosmetics and lotions.


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