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L.A. Receives 231 Applications to Operate Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

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The Los Angeles City Clerk's staff is reviewing 231 applications from medical marijuana dispensaries that have applied to participate in a lottery to choose 100 to be allowed to operate.

DOCUMENT: Status of L.A. medical marijuana dispensaries

The office originally reported 228 filings, but recently discovered three were left off the list.

Holly L. Wolcott, the executive officer for the City Clerk's office, predicted that it will take an additional two to four weeks to determine which applicants are eligible.

The City Council adopted an ordinance with strict criteria to determine which dispensaries can be in the drawing, including having been in business since Sept. 14, 2007, and having at least one of the same owners or operators.

City officials have estimated that about 130 of the existing dispensaries meet the qualifications. The three overlooked dispensaries were: Downtown Collective, Hollyweed and Trinity Medical Alliance/California Caregivers Assn.

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