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Labcorp Drug Test


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Hi everyone heres the story:

I had a pre employment drug screen yesterday Friday 6/05/15 at Labcorp at 3:30 pm. I had been a chronic smoker before then for about a year. Up until the day of my drug test I had stopped smoking for 39 days. I had an LOD test for THC 5 days before my actual drug screen to see how much THC I had left in my body and it was 3 ng/ml. I woke up and drank a normal amount of water before my drug screen but noticed my pee looked really diluted so I ran a mile and took a hot shower an hour before my drug test to make my urine more yellow. I am worried that the exercise and hot shower released more THC into my body to make me fail the drug screen. Does anyone know if this is possible since I had such a low amount of THC left in my body? Any advice is greatly appreciated.


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You should be ok. If you already tested at 3ng you're well below the 50ng cutoff levels. The shower doesn't hurt anything and usually it takes about 24 hours for any fat cells you're burning off to make it to the urine stream. Always dilute at least a little in the mornings before a test. Thats always you're dirtiest urine.
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