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LabCorp Urine Test


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Okay, I know there is a lot of info out there related to urine substitution, but I hope I can get some specific answers that relate to my circumstances.

First, I take weekly drug test at a substance abuse clinic that is conducted by LabCorp. However, these test are unsupervised. So, after trying to not smoke weed and failing at that and receiving a positive test, I want to go the substitution method.

My questions are as follow:

1. Does LabCorp test for gender? (My drug program is court mandated)
2. What is the best available synthetic?
3. Can I freeze fresh urine and thaw it whenever I have need?
4. What prescription drugs should I avoid in the sample?

I would greatly appreciate answers to these questions and others that maybe relevant. https://www.420magazine.com/forums/images/smilies/bad_boys_20.gif


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Not a good idea to sub with a court ordered drug test, if you get caught its an immediate felony.
1: Nope No drug test is allowed to test for sex or genetics.
2:Spectrum Labs makes QuickFix and they also sell wholesale to other companies that rebrand it as their own. The stuff with uric acid added is the best bet
3:Yes, A day before use put it in the refrigerator to that, then heat it the morning of the test.
4:Most everything if possible. Some scripts will pop positive in the strip test and then sent off to GC/MS testing for confirmation. Its best to avoid all that as much as possible. Find someone that isn't using anything.


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Thanks Weed420! I appreciate the info. I would not sub, but technically the program is court ordered not the drug test. I do receive a more formal test every two months but it is a saliva test, so I don't worry about that one. This is more for peace of mind and so I can finish the drug program sooner rather than later. Again, Thank You!
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