Lady Bud's 1st 420 Grow - Delicious Seeds Cotton Candy

Lady Bud

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Hi i am Lady Bud and this is not only my first grow journal but will also be my first MM grow.....i will be receiving on site help from Green Dreamz (my not so better half:) set up is as follows

What strain is it: Delicious Seeds Cotton of Greens freebies
Is it Indica, Sativa, Hybrid: Hybrid 75% Sativa and 25% Indica
Is it in veg or flower: neither.....soaking in r/o water for about 36 hours
Indoor or Outdoor: Indoor.......40" X 40" X 79" tent
Soil or hydro: organic soil
What is your soil mix: starting in Happy Frog and will transplant into FFOF
What pot size: starting in 1 gallon airpot then transplanting into 7 gallon airpot
Size of Light: Mars ll 400 watt led
Is it aircooled: 4" ventech exhaust and speed controller
Temp of tent: 75 to 77 degrees farenheit
Rh of tent: 40 to 50 so far
Ph of medium: using organic nutes and soil....will not be worried about ph
Pest: Green Dreamz:)lol
How often will you water: yet to be seen
Type and strength of nutes: Unsponsored Organic Nutrients with GH Organic Cal/Mag and Silica

Lady Bud

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Strain Info.....Delicious Seeds Cotton Candy
Sativa Dominent
60 to 70 days flower time
Cotton Candy is the offspring of Power Plant and South African Lavender
buzz gives feelings of arousal...(will keep this away from Dirty Dreamz:) and inspiration and motivation
Helps with arthritis, irritable bowl syndrome, and restless leg syndrome
THC level 20%


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subbed front row!!! sweet - already packed the bowl :) whos next? :)

Lady Bud

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Lady Bud

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subbed front row!!! sweet - already packed the bowl :) whos next? :)

Welcome Robert.....since your my first you get a reward....just dont tell Dirty:):rofl:

Welcome Dusty....glad to have you matter what Dirty said about you:)lol jk

I am glad that Dirty Dreamz finally got my signature right....thank you for trying to help him

Ok everybody....thank you so much for showing interest in my first journal and MM hubby tells me that this is the best community to be part of......i am looking forward to your input and help on my journey.....:) I will try to keep up with each of your journals the best i can, but unlike Mr Dirty i have a life beyond his room:)lol.....not saying that is a bad thing, but between school and everyday life i wont be on as much as he is:).......And a big thank you for keeping him occupied so i dont have to babysit all the time:)lol:rofl:

Green Dreamz

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I guess i have to be subd to i am afraid of her...just so yall know.....she beats me.....very abusive......i mean the whole lot...whips, chains and all that stuff.....not that i am complaining....i mean after all i am Mr Dirty Dreamz:)lol
I am here for you honey as is all the fine people you will meet here:)smooches:):cheer:


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holy crap this looks like its going to be as funny as hell........:rofl:

Hey Dirty Boy, fix you're ladies sig would ya!

Would it make them blush more if I told them where it was?


Lady Bud

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Ok Tassie.....i think i finally got it......i got it on mine and forgot to fix i am glad you brought it up again:)lol
oops....i am still on her journal:)lol
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