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Lady Bud

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Ladybud, it looks like the start of a calcium deficiency but I wouldn't worry about it this early in the game as long as it doesn't spread to other leafs. It could be nothing more than the girls adjusting to her new homes.

Thanks Gentlemen, GD says he has already corrected that for me so we shall see what happens.:thumb::thanks::circle-of-love:

morning LB wishing a good day to you

Good afternoon WWM, If I finally get rid of this headache soon I may can have a good night:Namaste: I hope your day has been awesome with more to come for the night:cheer:

Happy daze lady bud. Love the new avatar.
I have a pic of Mrs.K wearing only three cannabis leafs.
She would shoot me if I posted it LOL.

Hey DK
Thanks, GD would have those pics and more if I would let him but some how his friends keep accidently seeing my naughty pics so they stopped:cheesygrinsmiley::cheesygrinsmiley::cheesygrinsmiley:

Moving in the right direction weather class #2 and #3's all good....:cheesygrinsmiley:

Hey Shawnee
Today was a perfect weather day but a headache had me in all day:trance: Still haven't give up on tonight yet.:cheesygrinsmiley: Sweetness about the classes .......hope all keeps going well for ya. Lady
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