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LadyGreenthum's First Grow - OG Kush - 600W Top Feed


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Hello everyone! :welcome::420:

This is my first journal. I am very excited to be growing my plant with the help of GreenThumb J :circle-of-love:

Here is some basic information about what I'm starting to do. I look forward to chatting with many of you and getting some much needed advice :high-five:

What strain is it? Dinafem OG Kush (Fem)
Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? Hybrid of 75% Indica and 25% Sativa
Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Seedling stage
If in Veg... For how long? N/A
If in Flower stage... For how long? N/A
Indoor or outdoor? Indoor
Soil or Hydro? Hydro
If soil... what is in your mix? N/A
If soil... What size pot? N/A
Size of light? 600W MH/HPS
Is it aircooled? Yes
Temp of Room/cab? Varying between 20-30 degrees C
RH of Room/cab? Varies between 35-75%
PH of media or res? 5.5-6.3
Any Pests ? My boyfriend..... :bigtoke:
How often are you watering? By hand as needed, future plans for 10-15 min 2-3 times per day
Type and strength of ferts used? General Hydroponics 3 part flora series as well as GH flora blend, Floralicious plus, ArmorSi and sub culture M. Also using Botanicare's Aquashield, Cal-mag plus and Pure Blend compost tea.
The beneficial I have mentioned will be brewed separately from nutrient recipe and used applied as a root drench.

Here is a few pictures of my set up.

I'm very surprised to find myself doing this, before I met GreenThumb J I hardly partook in cannabis. Now it is such an amazing part of my life benefiting it in so many ways one of many being bringing GreenThumb J and I closer by sharing a hobby and having him teach me how to grow!

Best personal stoned story so far: GreenThumb J being as awesome as he is rolled me a roach joint for when I returned home from work... Now living in an apartment (and growing in one!) I usually smoke in the bathroom with the fan on... So here I am sitting down doing my thing smoking this joint.. two hours later I come to still sitting on the toilet except now accompanied by some drool.. Hahaha never again with a roach joint! I'm sticking to my vaporizer! That thing is worth its weight in gold.

Now off to enjoy my vaporizer and a chill glass of vino! Goodnight all!:circle-of-love:




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Good evening everyone!

Hope you are all well medicated this evening... :smokin2:

Not much is happening with the girls as they are just starting to show some leaves and grow.. But here are some seedling pictures of my girls. Right now they are growing under a LED light.. (To follow that journal and a review of the light look into GreenThumb J's journal)

All right down to my pretty girls.. Here they are :party:


I'm off to watch some tv, get medicated and enjoy the evening! Wishing the same to all!

Sadly no new too stoned stories for you guys to laugh at.. But the night is young still:tokin::goof:

Lady Greenthum


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Subbed and Hi.


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Looking good there darling! In no time your babies will be growing out of control!!

Thanks my love! :circle-of-love:

Subbed and Hi.

Hello there! Thanks for stopping by! :welcome:

Can't wait to see the hydro setup :)

It won't be in the final hydro set up with the watering ring for a little bit.. going to go through some pot changes first and then once its out of the veg area (currently occupied by Greenthumb J's grow) and into the tent is when it will be awesome! But stick around the journey there will be lots of fun :thanks:

Subbed an in for the ride!

I'm sure it will equal to an exciting roller coaster! :welcome:


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Subscribed LadyGreenThum.


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Good evening/morning to you!

So did my first big transplant tonight! Brought the girls from their 1.5 inch starter cubes into a 4 inch square pot with rockwool packed down all around it. The rockwool got soaked in 2 gallons of water, ph balanced (to 5.9 ppm was 65) and added in 30ml of aquashield, 10ml of florablend as well as 5ml of general hydroponics rapid start. Soaked for about 10min and then took the wrap of the little cubes and transplanted them... According to GreenThumb J.. I didn't do too bad!

Girls before transplanting

Not the best picture but hopefully you can see the roots coming out the bottom!

Our transfer station.. Lets do this!

The girls in their new homes..

Now that they are in larger pots they will do some veg growth under the LED we have set up (LED Review) for a few weeks as there isn't a whole lot of space in our veg area as GreenThumb J is being a space hog! If we can get them in there then we will be growing under 600W MH... Which I would prefer but sharing is caring so I can wait my turn. :thumb: For now they will still be undergoing hand watering.

Hope you guys are having a great day and taking time to smile and enjoy the last bits of summer! I know I am.. Went out for a nice dinner yesterday with GreenThumb J.. had a few glasses of nice sangria.. came home snuggled up on the couch with the intent of getting up to do the transplants after a few min of relaxing... KO man..:oops: Woke up a few hours later still on the couch hahaha tired from walking around all day enjoying the sun... and clearly a little too stoned/under the influence..hahaha! :party::48:

Get medicated and enjoy!:thanks::Namaste::circle-of-love:



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Good Evening everyone!! Hope you are all flying high tonight...:yummy::cool027:

So my little girls are just stretching for the light and loving life (strangely so am I...:) )

They have been in the new pots for three days now. They will be hand watered (or pampered.. depending on who you ask)..but so far haven't needed anything. Good low maintenance girls.. at least for now!

Alright... Behold!! My pretty girls :woohoo:


That's right work it girls! hahaha


And from this side now... Give me a big smile...


The camera loves you girls:adore::adore::adore:


And the grand finale!!


Urghhhhh too stoned for this photo shoot.. But I am amazed at how they are growing so quickly..

Please ignore those other lovely ladies in the back ground.. My girls are sharing a veg room with Greenthumb J's awesome looking plants! I hope my girls are looking at those plants and planning on growing big and awesome like their role models! :laugh2:

Alright LadyGreenthum is off to medicate some more.. and eat a gourmet dinner of... DRUM ROLLLLL..... HOT DOGS.. HAHAHAHAHA:yahoo::19::19:

Okay seriously too medicated.. Time to eat and nap, some of my favourite things (that is not misspelled.. I'm from the north :love: )

Good Night! Stay medicated, Enjoy life!

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