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Laguna Woods-GRF To Vote Again On Medical Marijuana Policy


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LAGUNA WOODS — The Golden Rain Foundation board in Laguna Woods Village will take another vote Tuesday on a policy that would prohibit residents from growing medical marijuana in community garden centers.

The GRF board gave initial approval to the policy in September, although it will come back for final approval in November to allow for public comments.

Although the GRF board voted in a closed session to ban the growing of marijuana in both garden centers in February, the board must take a vote in open session meetings because the policy would need to be adopted into GRF's rules.

In February, GRF's legal counsel, Hart, King & Coldren, advised against allowing medical marijuana to grow in open garden centers because it could pose a safety risk for the community.

Even if the policy is adopted, residents can still grow marijuana for medical use at home or on their own patios if they choose, unless the homeowner's associations in the community take action.

California law allows patients and caregivers to possess and cultivate marijuana for personal medical purposes with a recommendation from a physician. In September 2008, the City of Laguna Woods was the first in Orange County to allow medical marijuana dispensaries within its boundaries, although to date no dispensaries have opened within the city.

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