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Lancashire Farmer Boptang, Bopgun x Tangie, 2019

Lancashire farmer

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Strain - boptang fem (credit goes to kitchenhawk for bringing this )

Bopgun (dosido x papaya (oni seed Co)) x tangie (cut).

8 beans Germinated using a glass of water for 12hr then the paper towel method for another 24hr. All striking well.
Will be flowered out in my own blend of organic soil with additions of Teas, labs and fpj's used as boosters.

Due to issues with my soil being "to hot" I have decided to place seedlings in 1l pots containing a mix of 50% canna terra, 25% coco fibre, 25%pebbles.
This mix has been inoculated with myco madness (blend of microbes, humic acid and other beneficial). Plants will be transplanted into larger pots containing my soil as soon as possible.
Currently placed in a 3ft x 4ft room lit by a 600w hps. Light is currently 30 inchs away from the canopy.

Thanks everyone for looking in, any help much appreciated .
One love,


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Lancashire farmer

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Welcome bruvaa. I go to 5/6 germ on my girls all looking happy n very indica leaning. Happy to have another Brit rocking the bopgun. Cant wait to see how yours come out. Got a proper bollock tingle going over these girls lol.
Thanks mate, how far are you in?
The feelings mutual, exicited is a understatement when it comes to these .

Lancashire farmer

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Quick update.

Plants have been a bit of a pain with watering in such small pots, decided to pot up to 4.5l pots (still canna mix).
Pots where pretty full of roots for 18 days .
Probably leave them in these for a few weeks before moving them onto there final pots.

Fed labs today (lactic acid bacteria serum).

(will do a proper update over the next couple of days ).

Thanks to everyone for stopping in and following


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Lancashire farmer

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Day 21.
Overall going very well. Watering has gone from twice a day to once every two days.
Lights just been dropped to 18inch.

Plants have recovered from there initial stretch and are starting to bush out nicely. Loving the indica structure.

4 of the 8 are looking near identical and have slightly stronger/faster growth.
1 of the smaller plants is struggling a little but hoping it catches up.

Feel like these are going to explode over the next couple of weeks, don't think they will be in veg very long at all . Thanks everyone for stopping in :ganjamon:,


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Nice and healthy looking plants you've got there mate. Will be a great show.

Lancashire farmer

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Day 28
Firstly id like to apologize for the terrible state of these photos.... dropped my phone in the toliet so having to use a old one till it gets fixed, think its from the early 2000's :laugh2:. il do a proper update as soon as i get it back.

With exception of the runt the rest have started to bush out nicely. Started repotting to 5 gallon fabric pots today but ran out of some of my ammendments, will repot the remaining plants tonight.

Due to the size differance with the runt compared to others i have decided to hold back the runt in the veg room(should probably throw it but have always had problems getting rid of plants :laugh2:).

The 7 remaining boptang are now under 2 x 600w hps (shared with 3 other plants of differant strains) will be going on a 12/12 schedule tonight.

Amblyseius californicus have been added as a preventative @ 1 sachet per plant. I usually change these on a monthly bases.

Again sorry for the poor photos,

Big thanks to everyone for stopping in,


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Lancashire farmer

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Everything looking great bro. You have a heart of gold holding on to that runt. :3: I usually just kill them, but I am not as nice to the weeklings.
Thanks mate, i really am impressed with how they are going so far, some solid genetics:goodjob:.

Ive currently got room in veg so figure il give it a last chance, If it doesnt improve in a couple of weeks that may very well change :laugh:

Lancashire farmer

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Quick update. (still on the old phone, apologies for the pic quality).
Was trying to hold out till i got my phone back for the update but theres been quite a lot of movement over the last few days.
Day 6 of 12/12.
Caught a few pics as the lights came on.
2019-10-17 17.39.06.jpg

2019-10-17 17.38.59.jpg

took this one out of the room so you can see how bushy they are getting :3: Some nice side branches popping through.
2019-10-17 17.37.18.jpg

Runt is still going in the veg room. Started germinating my last 2 beans of boptang. These will be kept back for clones.

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