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Aniseed was the original wild terps?
One of them. The are a few different terps with the pine / lemon being probably the most common. (That I have grown out) . I think the one that was taken overseas and worked was one with the aniseed as I often read people talking about aniseed. I did grow some of the different types out and yes aniseed was one. It could also be the areas where the seeds were collected. The original seeds came from the Drakensberg area which is inland and the wild lady came from a very very rural area between St Lucia and kosi bay . Same like there are different terp profiles in Malawi land races. Hope This made some sense. Still early here. Have a good one


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So couple pics . Been a bit manic with the little one all week and mom away till Sunday. Anyways. The MC Durban weighed in at 96g with some tasty ice hash. :) took it out for a quick breathe. Then only open the bottles every 2 days for 30min. Except for the curious sniffs a couple times a day haha :)View attachment 1783304View attachment 1783305View attachment 1783306View attachment 1783307View attachment 1783308View attachment 1783309View attachment 1783310View attachment 1783311
I just love that cherry red look to the bud mr.Rugged, give yourself a massive pat on the back brother.... :snowboating:

Knock on my door sometime and come have some veggie soup if you feel like it :) 4 hhc
You guys are making me jelly....


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Lerugged just finished your journal, like a good book it was hard to put down! Congratulations on your harvest, once again your blessed to be in such a great environment for an outdoor grow. Thoroughly enjoyed this, thanks for sharing your experience!
Cheers. Glad you have enjoyed it so far. Still two cuts to harvest and two drying and then the final update, results of my soil tests and an update on the mother's. Will possibly flower a couple plants during winter but I'm having a baby next month soand time might be tight. Have a good one


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