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Landrace Durban Poison Outdoor Grow


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Sounds am
No, thats exactly what I am looking for. I can't stand responses to my question that go something like "they are both great, they will get you high as fuck". Not what I am looking for.....I want details and specifics and thats exactly what you gave me.

The clearness of the Durban is what I love about it. I don't find it racy but sativas don't affect me adversely like they do some people. To me, Durban Poison is like espresso. Energetic, focused, aware and just keeps me going. I have smoked Malawi and love it but I love the more focused high that I get with the Durban. That focus and awareness is perfect for getting stuff done and the reason I want to find another great plant for daily use as well as breeding stock.

I made a cross of Durban Poison with Alaska Thunderfuck that has been a fantastic sativa. The ATF brings amazing pain killing ability and is a nice sativa, but it really shines in the cross with the Durban Poison. I can work for hours outdoors without getting distracted, or my mind wondering off task and still remain pain free in my back. Its my top choice for a working strain right now.
Sounds amazing. Ive tried both separately but crossed together wow thats a real life saver.


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Holy crap
The real Durban has amazing pain killing properties. My partner had a home birth with only infused olive oil to Help with pain. She had a pain free dream birth. Applied to the lower back end of spine. I really hope you get a real deal going so you can seen for yourself the difference. (Above is all my.opinion though )
I need the plant that makes giveing birth pain free. Seriously! Pm please.

Amy Gardner

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Hey Lerugged :ciao: Just enjoyed another great catch up. I was stoked the day I found your journal and it’s continues to please! Beautiful rooftop garden with the best view, both near and far :yummy: :popcorn:

Your description of the Transkei high/effects sound right in the ballpark for me, from your description.

Can you tell me a bit about the waterproofing membrane you’ve had put down on your rooftop? I’m trying to find out how to source them here but it’s a frustrating process. They’re common in other places it seems but not so much here. What’s it called there, do yo know? Do you know who it’s manufactured by?


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Hi all. So I think it's time to start a spring journal and carry over as let's be honest spring summer and Autumn is where the action is . I've learnt a lot about winter growing ill be using that in my next journal to be my breeding time. Keep my pollen to myself. So with that said here is the start of my new journal. Stop by if you have interest in land race sativas , breeding and organic outdoor growing.
Welcome To The Table Mountain Sativa Spectacular

@Amy Gardner it's a product called lap and pap here. It's a membrane with bitchimin (spelling ) . It's really not the best but the guy said he would maintain it for 5 years so it's ok. Sorry I can't help more. I'll ask for the manufacturer when I see the guys next .
@Teddy Edwards could you help a brother out and close this journal please?
Thanks to everyone for the tips and banter and just for joining for the ride. You have made my first journal a very pleasant experience .


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Good day to all
Not too much exciting news at the moment. The monster crop has been tied down again and the pot rotated to get some sun in the middle under developed branches. Other than that all good. The big girl has been tied down again and for the last time hopefully. I find that tying down tightly during the time the trunk and branches start to thicken really makes for some stocky branches. Maybe it's the stress on the branch that does a kinda super crop or something? Hah. Either way it works for me. Had stunning weather this week with a couple days around 36 -38degrees c and both seem to be loving it. Monster Crop first then the big lady. Have a spectacular weekend all.
I know I'm late but that's big ass plant!

I Mean look at it! I'm on page 1 and I'm astonished at the magnificent plants you have grown! My apologies for the late arrival but I'll be following! :thumb:


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I know I'm late but that's big ass plant!

I Mean look at it! I'm on page 1 and I'm astonished at the magnificent plants you have grown! My apologies for the late arrival but I'll be following! :thumb:
Thanks DK . Join us on the new grow in the meantime. Second journal in my signature. @Teddy Edwards how do I mark this as completed?
Chat on the other side

Carmen Ray

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Yes! I didn't have access to weed for over 30 years. I'm up in a log cabin in the woods and honestly no one even near these parts will part with a gram of weed, it's too damned hard to get. So now that it is legal in this state and I've started growing I realize that about 80 percent of the 'new' strains are all either heavy body stone or happy breakfast quick high. Nothing even resembling what I was able to try in the 70s. The cerebral aspects seem to be gone, the candy flavours and so forth don't mean a thing to me... I'm seeing all these crosses for medicinal use. I grew out some Amnesia because it is supposed to be reminiscent of the 'old' strains but it isn't, really. So anyone growing, preserving and maintaining the old strains has my vote and my full support. Let's keep Big Brother Corp Inc. away from manipulating this into a bland, boring 'product'.
Despite their being a drive by pharma to synthesize cannabinoids in labs, I believe that even though this will happen and they will try to patent etc, and prescribe for certain ailments, a lot of other medical users will use craft produced flower for their meds to get full effect and natural treatment. I agree with LR that landraces will make a strong come back for a while because like anything else, it's a trend. I don't think that is going to push classic breeds out of the market though, because there is loads of medicinal value in these carefully crafted strains. I think a lot of users, particularly younger recreational users like that heavy body stone and the quick highs. I don't think they care much about landrace genetics unless they are interested in growing, breeding or beneficiating. I also think that in terms of proper legalization, only full repeal of Prohibition era laws is going to set the record straight and open the market to small business and micro-growers. Anything less is just a license for pharma to rip us off some more. Damn man, we work our butts off to afford medical, food, roof, transport and education and every step of the way we pay, and then we pay taxes too. We the sheeples are mere serfs in the dynasty of the MIC. Our overlords are not going to make it any easier anytime soon, in my view. The laws are all quite contradictory and illogical. How can you make it legal for adults to grow and smoke at home but illegal to buy seeds, for instance? Also, how can you make it legal for adults to smoke at home, but illegal to purchase flower? To say that if people want to smoke they must petition the sky fairies for miracle beans to materialize, and then grow their own product is exclusionary. How can a disabled person, or any person without space or means to grow, smoke legally if they do not have a good relationship with the sky fairies and their miracle beans?

Amadeus Forzin

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Hope all is well in your world.

Thanks for sharing this grow with us.

Please head over to the 420 Strain Reviews forum and post your smoke report there too.

I’m moving this to Completed Journals now.

Sending you lots of love and positive energy.

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