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LaquerHead's LOS: Gold Rush, Strawberry Glue & More!


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Hey everyone! Thought it might be time to start another journal. Feel like I've gotten a good grip on things throughout the last year or so. Hope everything continues to be smooth sailing! So without further ado..

What strains? Strawberry Glue, Gold Rush, & Blue Dream

Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Veg

If in Veg... For how long? 5-6 weeks

Indoor or outdoor? Indoor

Soil or Hydro? LOS

If soil... what is in your mix? Will post mix later

If soil... What size pot? 10, 15, & 20 gallons

Size of light? 200 watts of Timber COBS for veg, 600 watts of Timber COBS for flower!

Temp of Room/cab? 68-80°F

RH of Room? 45-60%

PH of media or res? No clue

Any Pests ? Hope not, will continue with IPM though

How often are you watering? Still playing with this, but usually every other day

Type and strength of nutrients used? More on this later!


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For the sake of ease, we're going to say all plants are at day 40 of veg..they all had a very slow start in my seedling soil. After a year or so of sitting, it apparently became to hot for the little ones! I actually found the strawberry glue broke over at soil level one morning, maybe due to damping off but I'm not 100% on that. I propped it back up with a piece of pumice and moved it away from the fan. Its now the biggest/healthiest of the bunch! Super compact nodes, more so than I've ever seen.

This was her about 4-5 weeks ago!

As for the blue dream, I think I may have overwatered a little - or possibly some nitrogen toxicity...im not at all worried about it and im sure it'll work itself out here soon! Pretty sure she's going to be a sativa/haze leaning pheno :slide: healthy stalk on her too..

The Gold Rush is the first reg seed I've ever ran, and luckily for me I was able to determine she was a girl last week :55:. Here in the next week or so I'll transplant her into one of the bigger pots the other plants were recently harvested from! I might let her grow naturally, probably wait until after transplant to determine how/if im gonna train her.


And lastly a family picture

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Let me slide into a spot over here on the floor to watch you work LaquerHead. :4: :green_heart:


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Soil mix!!

This is the foundation of what we do in LOS! Its where all the action takes place, and where the majority of the physical work takes place - in the initial mixing!

I follow the no-till/coots recipe pretty closely...I've adjusted the amounts some, as well as added some things! Diversity was my goal in all of it. I'll start out by sharing the OG mix and follow up with mine!

Start by making a base mix with 30% Canadian sphagnum peat moss, 30% compost of your choice, and 40% aeration (pumice/perlite/etc.). That makes your base mix!

Compost being the most important thing here, Bu's compost is one of the better bagged compost out there! Homeade would be even better if space allows.. Dont cheap here!

Per cubic foot of that base mix ^^^ you add:

1/2-1 cup of neem and karanja cake mixed 50/50 (neem alone will work)

1/2-1 cup of kelp meal

1/2-1 cup of crustacean meal

1/2-1 cup of gypsum

1/2-1 cup of Malted Barley Powder (MBP)

1 cup of oyster shell flour

2-4 cups basalt

~6 cups bio-char

Mix it all up real good and add in a handful of redworms so they can start going to town! Its not necessary to let sit, unless you've added alfalfa meal...but I still do for about 30 days - the choice is yours!

Now that the base mix/soil is laid out, I'll share what I've done to tweak it


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My mix got a little crazy with diversity, I didnt go out of my way to get any of this stuff...it was already laying around.

Base mix: Made 3 cu ft. Or approx 23 gallons of soil

7 gallons CSPM

7 gallons of compost - mix of homeade vermicompost and Bu's blend

3 1/2 gallons of pumice
1 gallon of rice hulls
2 gallons of lava rock
2 gallons of perlite

That made 3 cu ft of base mix - and was amended as follows!

20 cups of bio-char
2+ cups of kelp meal
2 cups of crab meal
1 cup of insect frass
2+ cups of neem cake
2 1/2 cups of oyster shell flour
1/4 cup garden lime (just because lol)
2 1/2 cups gypsum
5 cups of brix blend basalt
2 cups St. georges black (sedimentary clay)
2 cups of MBP

Think I got the diversity I was looking for? :laugh:


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I have an excuse for being late. I was watching football and up-potting an autoflower plant. I am very interested in the Strawberry Glue and Gold Rush and how they perform in your soil. Good luck on your grow!
Thanks! And not at all late brother! Glad you could make it, I dont get football here in the boonies unless it's on a laggy phone :rolleyes: gold rush now has my full attention since showing her sex!
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This looks like an interesting class! :popcorn:
I sure hope it can be :high-five:...I've still got alot to learn, but we're getting there! Organics becomes an addiction once you start. My hope is that people follow along in this sustainable approach.

When I travel the "country" now, I'm constantly surveying the land and appreciating all the details! Nature as well as the cycle of life is just to cool to ignore! I've became pretty fond of it :4:


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