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Hello All,

I am new to the forums, but not to gardening. I am planning on moving locations and building out a larger facility and am looking to throw ideas back and forth from people who have set up larger Commercial warehouse Grows.

Now I will be doing this in Oregon where it is legal and safe to grow for patients and will be putting together a grow site for multiple growers under the OMMP (much like a collective).

But because Oregon has some plant number restrictions per patient, instead of massive numbers to produce yields, I will be producing massive plants to get huge yields. (1 plant to achieve over a lb. indoors)

How it works in Oregon:

1 Grower
4 patients

1 Patient
6 Mature plants (any thing above 12" or has flowers)
18 immature plants (smaller than 12" tall & wide)

1 Grower potentially
24 mature plants and 72 immature plants
(4 patients x amount of plants allotted)

Growing approach and plan
Split the allotted amount of mature plants per grower by half for each stage.
12 plants in veg and 12 plants in flower (this example is for only one grower, multiply how many growers in site)
• Veg time 8 weeks
• Flower time 8 weeks
• Perpetual cycle: Harvest every 2 months (yield over 1lb plants)
This doesn't include the immature plants.

Plan for the immature plants
Cutting clones and developing immature plants monthly
training them once they start rooting and using SCROG
Keeping them short and fat, developing a big root system before transplant into mature veg plant stage.
using methods like mainlining and topping to keep immature plants within regulations.

Grow set up and equipment
• 1 plant/1 light (in flower)(first weeks in mature veg there will be 4 per light then moving them into 2 per light and 1 per light near week 6)
• 1 plant in flower – 4x4 (16sqft)
• Scrog method
• Large containers (working way up from small to transplanting in to 10+ gallons)
• Drip top feed or ebb n flow set up (I love ebb n flow, but wanted to hear thoughts)
• Each room sealed for c02 supplementation and environmental controls (HVAC)
• 1000w dimmable Epapillon (12 each room)
• Combo with T5 and Epapillon (starter room immature plants)

for 24 lights i will need 24L x 16sqft = 384 canopy sqft (mature)
Not including working space like walking.

1 ton ac = 3-4 1000w lights i will need about 8 ton AC

thinking something like this as a blue print:

My plan is to be able to achieve Monster yields perpetually due to the constraints. I have done this before but in much smaller set up. We will be looking at 4 or 5 growers at this site so our plant numbers will be 96-120 mature.

I have a good amount of experience and many crops under my belt. I do not however have much experience with a grow of this caliber, so if anyone reading this does, feel free to impart any wisdom and advice you have upon myself. Tell me what you think and your thoughts. and ill answer any questions you have, this is very short and to the point.


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Get an electrician and a lawyer. Not all states support co-ops. The wattage you would require needs an upgraded electrical system with sub panels and different meters per grower. Also consider a flip box so you could run two rooms on 12 12 cycles using the same breakers, making sure not to over lap the circuit. Make clear contracts about payments and responsibilities to utilities. Upgraded locks for rooms and closed loop survalence. Pest might eventually be an issue with that many growers and plants. A regular cleaning isn't a bad idea. You could probably make more money renting to growers than growing with a large enough facility, just a thought. Best of luck with your endeavor!


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Thanks Blueballavngr,

Luckily Oregon allows multiple growers in one site, but thanks for the heads up. I will also have an attorney looking over everything we do. The one thing we want to assure our selfs is the ability to sleep safely.

I am very familiar with flip boxes and will most likely use them for power consumption and efficiency, along with backdraft dampeners to direct air flow.

When you refer to "closed loop surveillance" are you refering to using RFID tags for the plants and having an CRM system to keep track of inventory and grow details. If so I was thinking the same thing. Being able to track and record growth, nutrient levels, yield, temps, etc.. and use as a "grow journal" to increase production as we dial it in and boost in to gear.
If you are referring to security cameras and systems, that will also be a most as Security and Safety are of the upmost importance.

As far as regular cleaning and pest maintenance goes, we will be using products like neem oil as weekly foiler spray, Eagle 20 for mold & alternating Avid/Tetrasan and Floramite/Tetrasan for preventative bug maintenance. These are highly toxic and frowned upon by some tree huggers and organic growers but the shit works (those will only be used in veg).

And obviously it goes with out saying at the end of every 8 week cycle, a cleaning of grow rooms before starting cycle again. This is usually a day or two of down time in rooms.

As far as renting space out like a PODS for cannabis style warehouse, I have thought about it and think it would be a very viable business plan. I am currently working on to many projects to undergo that particular project, but if someone wants to collaborate I am all ears :48:


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How are you getting your power? The grid? Solar panels?

Great question.

A major power upgrade is a very costly endeavor, and I am looking for an industrial space that is already wired for commercial electrical needs right now. I have found a few.

I Figure an average of 7-8 amps per light all in after accessories. and also By doing a flip (2 rooms with alternating 12 hour light schedules) I can maximize despite power constraints.

24 light set ups x 7 amps = 168 amps needed (not including cloning and small plant room which may add another 10-20 amps)
so roughly 190-200 amps
With a flip I could ultimately run twice the amount of lights on it.

I may hold off on solar (due to how pricey they are) till a couple cycles, but I most certainly do want to bring in solar energy to offset alot of the draw.
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