Largest Legal Cannabis Plantation In Latin America Is In Chile

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Most legal plantation of cannabis in Latin America is neither in Uruguay nor in Mexico or Peru, but in a rural area of southern Chile near the Andes where the first cultivation of marijuana for medicinal use will be harvested next March.

Chile has a reputation for conservative customs. In fact, divorce was illegal until 2004 and still is abortion in all circumstances, including rape, fetal malformation and life threatening to the mother.

However, it was the first in Latin America to grow plants of cannabis for medicinal use, with a project that began in the Santiago municipality of Florida in 2014 to supply 200 cancer patients.

"Although people may not believe it, Chile is a pioneer in the cultivation of medicinal cannabis, "he told Efe Ana Maria Gazmuri, president of the Daya Foundation, an organization for the promotion and research of alternative therapies.

Since last December, the southern country have legislation permitting the production and sale of products derived from the hemp plant, a rule that also recently adopted countries like Puerto Rico and Colombia.

The initiative, which has been authorized by the Government of Chile , transform the buds of the 6,000 plants growing on the grounds of the town of Colbún in different herbal medicines to be supplied free of charge to 4,000 patients.

"The goal of this project is to generate three large clinical studies will be developed by the National Cancer Institute and two hospitals," says Gazmuri.

The research is funded in 20 municipalities in the country and is expected to benefit patients with oncological problems, refractory epilepsy and chronic pain.

"We believe this is an important step forward in Chile in the generation of science and knowledge on cannabis therapy, "says the president of Daya.

Unlike Uruguay, where regulation started emphasizing the recreational use of marijuana, Chile has focused on the medical and according to the Foundation Daya use, it is estimated that about 200,000 people are currently benefiting from it.

Last month, the president of Chile, Michelle Bachelet, signed a decree establishing the Institute of Public Health has the authority to permit and control the use of cannabis for the manufacture of pharmaceutical products for human use.

The measure has the approval of 86% of citizens, according to survey study revealed Cadem Public Square, which also showed that 47% of the population is in favor of the legalization of recreational use of psychotropic.

"(This decree) means a breakthrough in terms of research and use of cannabis for medicinal use and promotes scientific research in the country," said Efe the head of the National Medicines Agency of Chile, Pamela Milla Nanjarí.

The resolution, which opens the door for marijuana out of the list of hard drugs, states that medicinal products derived from this plant "may dispensed to the public in pharmacies by prescription laboratories."

In Chile, marijuana is now in the list of hard drugs, which means that cultivation and possession is punishable with sentences ranging from five to ten years in prison.

However, the Chilean Parliament is dealing with a bill to decriminalize consumption and personal self-cultivation and catalog marijuana within the group of less aggressive drugs.

"Clearly in Chile we are experiencing a change in policy and public perception. We are very pleased that this transformation done now, when the world is experiencing a resurgence of medical cannabis, "said Gazmuri, who is proud that, at least in this field," Chile Go ahead. "


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