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Larvae on the under side of my leaves


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I have a fungus gnat problem that i thought i had under control with Diatomaceous Earth. I noticed several of my lower leaves turing yellow with dark scarred specks from some sort of 1mm larvae sucking the life out of my leaves. they look like a pic of fugus gnat larvae but every where i look says they dont live on the leaves. this only started to happen after i applied the Diatomaceous Earth to the soil in my pots. will the gnat lay eggs on the under side of leaves? what would be a good remedy to solve this solution? I would prefer an organic solution but am open minded to other solutions.

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DO you have a picture. I have fungus gnats right now .... I too but down DE, and sprayed. They are relentless but no I do not know of them to do that. Please post a pic of what you are looking at.


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Sounds like you might have aphids instead of soil gnats- aphids are
more worrisome than gnats,and if they really get going,they can be hard to eliminate...
Got a pic of the offending critters?
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