LA's Auto Training!


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re: LA's Auto Training!

Thanks LA. Interesting about light schedules playing with the lifespan.. Might be something like that with mine. I would def take the 6ozs! God, I hope it doesn't go 4 months tho'. Thinking about giving mine an extra hour of light per day from here on in. 18/6 now.. Do you reckon that would do any damage? She is as close to the bulbs as possible, about 2 inches. Quite dry and warm in there...
Looking forward to see your upcoming torture sessions!

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Ok folks I'm gonna shut this thread down :) Part 2 is in progress under the Raysace lamp listed in my sig below!

If you fancy seeing my biggest girls to date about to flower please drop onto my bonanza of Budmaster raw power and more thread also listed below!! :)

Much love 420 and a shout out and tha ks to my pals at Humboldt :)


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Thanxx for having me over Professor Flux...


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High LA,
I wanted to see if you would swing by and take a peek?
Just got a few autos (tude promos) the other day and think maybe one day soon giving one of them a go. DO you bloom them in a 12/12 type room or do they grow in a veg room? See I have zero knowledge about autos
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