LA's Quick Guide To Simple Backbuilding Technique For Buds!

OK firstly this is just a simple technique that gives you dense tear drop buds that will look uniform and presentable!
I was told this tech by an old friend who grew on a professional scale! to me it would seem a good process for anyone providing herb for legit sales

So here goes firstly some pics of the process :)

Yes it is that simple :)
Now the idea behind this process; My friend who had years experience told me it was like the bud hitting a barrier, such as another branch! He advised me to take 3 white hairs and a couple of the tiny green points off end of buds!
I tried this and its way to fiddly etc. So I now simply snip the tiniest bit off each bud head. This just takes the very tip of stem. This sends the bud backbuilding, forming more dense buds, that are all of uniform shape!
The actual cut is so tiny that it doesn't stall or delay the budding. It doesn't hurt the girl one bit. Just gives really appealing nugs. that are dense as hell!

When to do it? Simply put you want to be past mid way of flower. Or whenever you believe the buds to be of a good developed size. (the pics above were just for demonstration)

I've used this for years with no ill effects, so if ya fancy it give it a whirl! :)
thanks for the tip LA!
get it? the tip? bah........
great now another thing to do to my poor plant. she is like my Frankenstein monster. it's alive!!
I have tried just about every tech provided on these forums on her. newb learning curve. guess one more little cut couldn't hurt.

- musshy
I'll admit that the first picture that popped up about made me choke on my coffee this morning!

Just to be clear, this method is not making the buds bigger, its just causing them to become denser/harder and helping with aesthetics?


This is good information LA and thanks for sharing the knowledge that has been passed on to you, I appreciate it for sure. :Namaste:
guess im in a position to put this to work.
now im not a seller my any means of the word. but I am a sharer.
I have some smaller buds that I just tried this on:



I will be able to tell if they fatten up more than the others.

thanks again for the tip, LA!

- musshy
Just to be sure (sorry but this is really something new to me), I hack off those tops about 2/3 of the way through bloom?

Would I be correct in that I would have about 10 (+ or - 2-3 days) in the journal linked below before I give the haircut?


This is awesome. I'm surprised I hadn't thought of it. It's essentially topping applied to the buds which sends the growth hormones lower. I'd like to try it on the fastest growing tallest colas just to keep the race even. Another fun technique from Light Addict. I dig your posts.
Thanks LA. Another lesson learned from you. I will give this a try on part of my next grow. All of you guys (and girls) out there are great. Thanks for the help. Keep it green.
+reps for you, I'm sure it works. You probably would have stopped doing it by now if it didn't have any effect on aesthetics,
thanks again keep up the helpful quick tips, I'm all ears. :blunt:
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