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I flipped to 12/12 on 3/30 so by my calculations, 4-25 should be 8 weeks in flower.. Today for shits I pulled a small nug and smoked it up got decently high, but it seemed very light, even wet. My question is do plants put a lot of weight on in the last 2 weeks?

JJ Bones

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Plants put a lot of weight on in the last 3-4 weeks usually. So if your strain is an 8 week strain typically you can expect to see bulkage around weeks 4-6 of flower.

Also if it seemed wet you didn't dry it properly so be more patient. It can take 5-15 days to dry properly. Drying/curing is the one of most important portion of your entire grow in my opinion.


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I think he meant to say it felt light even when wet, I dont think he has chopped yet but I could be wrong. Yes Maer in fact the most weight is put on in the last 2 to 3 weeks of flowering:yummy::yummy::yummy:. Also you cannot always go by strict numbers, meaning just because it is supposed to be an 8 week strain there are many things and circumstances that could cause them to be late. The best thing to do is get a microscope and look at the tricombs and pistils, its the only true way to know:thumb::thumb:.
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