Last Chance Goes For It All - CK North Light Auto

So my last grow went alright. Got about 3 to 4 ounces off a CK Northern Lights auto.
Learned a few things and know I can do better.

I used a 3 gallon pot and in only 90 days she was completely root bound.

I fed her way too early and she got nute lockout

I won't pick and defoliate as much.

Cfls give off too much heat for the effort. Going to two LED panels now.

So 1 Crop King Northern lights Auto in a 5 gallon pot using Fox Farms soil mix and 2 Viper spectre 300 watt reflector LED panels. Had her on Cfls for sprout though.

I will post more about what I learned and my last go later.

Stay tuned.
Girl looks small in that big pot. Lol

Lesson number 1. NEVER use the fast acting lime. This is different than garden dolomite lime. It is almost all calcium and did something weird to my soil. I believe it is how I got my lockout and nut burn.

I used a tablespoon per gallon of garden dolomite lime to the soil this time.

I also realize I need to situate the girl in the pot differently to have her facing the right direction to do the ltc I want to do. She'll basically be laying on her side... More in a day or 2 with pics
So day 3. You'll notice that I set her to the side and not the middle... that is so I can bend her over... then I looked at her and realized I should bend the 2 1st stalks back but she was placed wrong... shifted her today and some light wattering.
Day 9. Watered fully to get her roots going. A couple days and she should be ready for yoga.Not topping her just bending her every which way. Installed the humidifier which will help a LOT.

Day 21. Girl is happy. Had to add some cfl's in the space for some heat. She is bent over on her side now. In a couple days I'll start spreading out branches more.
Happy New Year!

Lesson #2 I learned. Do not start feeding too early. I started feeding too early last grow. Have to be patient.

Going to lower the cfls tomorrow to equalize the heat in the grow space.
Day 28 and the girl is really growing. As you can see the main stem is on it's side and the branches are being trained towards the base. She has 8 main branches which should turn into 24 or more Colas at equal distance to the light once she stretches. The soil is pretty arid so will begin feeding her lightly and watering her every 3 days. I also had to add more cells for heat with this crazy cold weather.

Day 29 and the girl is trained a bit more. Some lower leaves are showing signs of Mag Def?? Not sure how that is happening but will add some call at to the next watering tomorrow.
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